Yoga fusion run riot

Just the other day, a female friend lamented, “I wish there was a workout that combined the grace of ballet, the balance of yoga, and the thunderosity of my booty.” Exasperated reply: “Woman, please! You need to get your fine ass down to Swerve on Sweetzer and 3rd.”:

Yoga Booty Ballet (1hr) – Reservations Reccomended
60-90 minutes– Signature class. A hybrid of all the good stuff from ballet–grace, beauty poise, power and lithe lean lovely limbs: the POWER of Yoga. Sun salutes, balancing poses and breathing–enough to bliss you out: the BOOTY aspects of fitness–original moves to enhance your fine muscular ass! Live Drumming as listed. [Swerve]

Can’t make it to L.A.? Buy the videos here, and then join along as we sing, “there’s no fusion like confusion” (with sincere apologies to Irving Berlin’s ghost).

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Sunny Leone joins Vivid

Model and former Penthouse “Pet of the Year” Sunny Leone will make her long-awaited acting debut in a self-titled movie produced by Vivid, a powerhouse in the adult entertainment industry:

Leone, 23, is the first performer of Indian descent (her parents were born in the Indian state of Punjab) to become a Vivid Girl … “I wanted to sign with a company that would really help me advance, so I chose Vivid to help me take this big step in my life because you only get one chance to make a debut,” Leone said. “For the past six months I’ve been working on my Website,, and I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to start acting.” [AVN]

The video is due to hit shelves at the end of the year, which means our Christmas stockings might finally yield something worth keeping (hint, hint).

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Translate a Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, a recently launched group blog aimed at the B-list starfucker demographic, hosts a bizarre post by U.K. Maxim editor Greg Gutfeld. It appears to be something about a party in Delhi, or perhaps a dream sequence conceived in an opium-induced stupor:

Things are still going nuts at Alaknanda Jayagopal’s house. Aparjita and Agilah broke into the liquor cabinet, and Gaurika, Fulmala, Heenfu and Indrani started a dance party in the garage. Remember Crystal Water’s “Gypsy Woman?” Well, Dishwari, Fazeela (and her sister, Devapriya) do. They are kicking it, live. Dishwari is also playing truth or dare with Anvita, who dared Deepika to actually swallow a live chicken. Deepika isn’t even speaking to Gangika. Totally off the hook. [The Huffington Post]

If anyone can speak Gutfeldese, please decipher this for us. Winner gets the pride of proving they’re at least as smart as an editor of Maxim. Losers must live with the shame of having read the The Huffington Post.

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Monkeys acting like real jerks to cadets

India’s National Defense Academy complains that it’s frequently harassed by a gang of no-good monkeys:

It says the langur monkeys are disrupting training exercises, attacking cadets, vandalising equipment and ripping up plants … Officials want the monkeys tranquillised, sterilised and released back into the wild … But the tender has angered forestry officials who say the academy’s jungle location gives monkeys the right to roam. [Ananova]

They still give rifles to Indian army cadets, right? This problem could easily solve itself with a little, ahem, target practice. If they get any static from forestry officials, the cadets can just claim the monkeys were found to be enemy combatants fighting for Pakistan. Then instead of getting a rebuke, they’ll be honored with a ticker tape parade. And there you have another problem solved for the better with firearms. When will monkeys learn?

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Karhod women’s standards are way too high

We’ve all been there before. Maybe she turned you down because you weren’t wealthy. Perhaps your career wasn’t prestigious enough. Or it could have been something entirely materialistic, like the fact that you drive a red 1980 Datsun 210, which is a fine automobile, dammit. Be grateful, because it could be worse — she could have turned you down because of a lack of water:

An acute water shortage in central India has made it tough for men of one village to find wives, because families are reluctant to condemn their daughters to a life of hardship … “In rural India, it is the duty of women to fetch water. When people come to know that their daughter will have to trudge several miles to fetch a couple of pots of water after marriage, which parent will agree?” the (Economic Times) quoted one sociologist as saying. [Reuters/Yahoo!]

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New CNN ad with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta betrays his roots by giving free, albeit useless, medical advice (“I probably would see a dermatologist”) in a new spot entitled “Melanoma.” Unfortunately, you have to register with CNN to watch the ad, and then fumble around with a clumsy Flash interface.

Bonus: In an ad entitled “Gandhi,” Lou Dobbs pops up as a creepingly lurking, know-it-all, third wheel. No registration required for that one.

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Vijay Agarwal lands on People’s ‘Most Beautiful’

People magazine names Vijay Agarwal, an aspiring doctor and founder of a non-profit for underprivileged kids, to it’s annual “Most Beautiful” list (thanks, Karthik R.):

“Beauties on your block,” the magazine headline shouts. “Everyday people whose stunning looks match their big hearts.” “Page 161,” Agarwal says. Agarwal, a sometime model from San Jose, doesn’t mind that his chiseled good looks are what are giving him his 15 minutes of fame. A good friend nominated him for the splash in People. Now he fends off requests for autographs. And remains tight-lipped about whether he is single. [San Jose Mercury News]

Oh sure, he may be handsome, smart and altruistic. But the boy’s so poor, he can’t even afford a shirt and belt.

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