Yoga fusion run riot

Just the other day, a female friend lamented, “I wish there was a workout that combined the grace of ballet, the balance of yoga, and the thunderosity of my booty.” Exasperated reply: “Woman, please! You need to get your fine ass down to Swerve on Sweetzer and 3rd.”:

Yoga Booty Ballet (1hr) – Reservations Reccomended
60-90 minutes– Signature class. A hybrid of all the good stuff from ballet–grace, beauty poise, power and lithe lean lovely limbs: the POWER of Yoga. Sun salutes, balancing poses and breathing–enough to bliss you out: the BOOTY aspects of fitness–original moves to enhance your fine muscular ass! Live Drumming as listed. [Swerve]

Can’t make it to L.A.? Buy the videos here, and then join along as we sing, “there’s no fusion like confusion” (with sincere apologies to Irving Berlin’s ghost).

13 thoughts on “Yoga fusion run riot

  1. “grace of ballet, the balance of yoga, and the thunderosity of my booty” ROTFL!

  2. There are some people who have a different take on YOGA. A story in Mercury News (I dont have the link .. besides it needs an account)

    “Now 46, Christian speaker/author Laurette Willis tells everyone she meets about the dangers of yoga. Numerous Christian women have told Laurette they decided to quit yoga after learning about its Hindu roots. It’s a hard decision for those who’ve invested many years and many dollars into the practice.The Oklahoma resident addresses groups across the country, speaking from personal experience and her knowledge as a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. She’s developed a prominent presence on the Internet, largely due to her new exercise program, PraiseMoves, which she calls “a Christian alternative to yoga.”

    Let the appropriations begin …. (or complete )

  3. I don’t know why the christians are all freaked out about yoga having such (gasp) hindu roots… it’s not like they could convert to hinduism anyway…

  4. A LOT of Americans are not aware of the origins of yoga. My non desi wife was not aware of the origins of Yoga either (not that she cares anyway)

  5. AM- not knowing is one thing, and totally understandable. Spazzing out about it and washing ones mouth out with soap, metaphorically, is completely different.

  6. Dude, if they’re going to spazz out so much, then I’m glad they’re not doing yoga. If they have that much contempt for my religion/culture, then I don’t want them to benefit from its products at all. They can make do with their made-up Praise moves.

  7. PraiseMoves … hmmm, methinks it’s not so much about praise, but a move to be the first to TM an incipient movement and make $$ off it. Money from religion – gasp! – unheard of!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the (mis)appropriation of yoga moves. Has any one of you been to and observed your fellow exercisers at a Jazzercise class?

  8. I’d like it if Apul bought the box-set and gave us a detailed review and progress report…

  9. My first thought was, how dim do you have to be to not get that yoga is related to Hinduism? The om at the end of class didn’t tip you off, oh rocket scientists?

    I blame this on all these stupid power yoga classes which are basically just fancy aerobics. Real yoga is something different.

    Why do people like this get so uptight? I go to church occasionally, go to the synagogue, am not the least bit afraid of it though I am Hindu. But I suppose Hinduism is more open in this way….


  10. AM, re: the not knowing, I didn’t mean your wife! Yikes – I was talking about the uptight Praisemoves lady.

    Sigh. I always stick my foot into it, don’t I? Once again, I have to apologize on SM for being absent minded.

    I guess what I meant is that a lot of gyms do yoga classes that don’t discuss the breathing or origins of yoga, so that it is understandable that someone might not know. Sheesh.

  11. MD, My wife has never taken a Yoga class. She was aware of ‘Yoga’ itself but was not aware of its origins. My wife is otherwise pretty well informed about the World. She does suffer from Americanitis though which sometimes leads her to ask questions like “What language do they speak in Bangladesh ?” ;)

  12. MD: I don’t usually go om after yoga class though. Sometimes I grab a bite to eat, sometimes I go out with friends, sometimes I even go back to work. Do you think all desis are omly?