Karhod women’s standards are way too high

We’ve all been there before. Maybe she turned you down because you weren’t wealthy. Perhaps your career wasn’t prestigious enough. Or it could have been something entirely materialistic, like the fact that you drive a red 1980 Datsun 210, which is a fine automobile, dammit. Be grateful, because it could be worse — she could have turned you down because of a lack of water:

An acute water shortage in central India has made it tough for men of one village to find wives, because families are reluctant to condemn their daughters to a life of hardship … “In rural India, it is the duty of women to fetch water. When people come to know that their daughter will have to trudge several miles to fetch a couple of pots of water after marriage, which parent will agree?” the (Economic Times) quoted one sociologist as saying. [Reuters/Yahoo!]

4 thoughts on “Karhod women’s standards are way too high

  1. So Im a little confused here (and the confusion may stem from a caffeinated and final induced delirium).

    So arent these women from the same village? And if so they probably walk miles to fetch water for their families. So are their parents worried about their daughter’s well-being or concerned that the will be losing their own water-fetcher.

  2. Sonia – In some villages the wells or river/streams are close by and one doesn’t have to walk a distance to fetch water. Where as in some villages the distance is in miles.

  3. i guess my point was that they should just marry women from their own village, who have to walk miles to get water anyway. Unless of course theres not enough women to go around.

  4. Sonia bitiya,

    We would do that, but theres only like 15 families in the village, and we dont want to encourage any more inbreeding…