5 thoughts on “M.I.A.’s Diplo spotted on ‘Kimmel’

  1. another m.i.a. post? hey, i love m.i.a. as much as anyone, but come on, a -picture- of diplo is considered news worthy simply because he’s her dj and boyfriend?


    anyway, i’ll bite… in case it hasn’t already been mentioned here, there’s a 30 minute live performance available online from kcrw’s morning becomes eclectic:


  2. siddhartha m, you rock my world.

    i dl’d PFT from the link you courteously volunteered. i have listened to it TWICE since…this is actually a better copy than my first. i think MIA + the neptunes might just = perfection. ah, blisssss. diplo can pick any orifice he wants, i like his ear. :D