Sunny Leone joins Vivid

Model and former Penthouse “Pet of the Year” Sunny Leone will make her long-awaited acting debut in a self-titled movie produced by Vivid, a powerhouse in the adult entertainment industry:

Leone, 23, is the first performer of Indian descent (her parents were born in the Indian state of Punjab) to become a Vivid Girl … “I wanted to sign with a company that would really help me advance, so I chose Vivid to help me take this big step in my life because you only get one chance to make a debut,” Leone said. “For the past six months I’ve been working on my Website,, and I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to start acting.” [AVN]

The video is due to hit shelves at the end of the year, which means our Christmas stockings might finally yield something worth keeping (hint, hint).

28 thoughts on “Sunny Leone joins Vivid

  1. Hmm, me wonders what they talk about at family reunions…

    Auntie-ji: “So, Sunny, how’s the career-shmareer going? It’s time we found you a boy to settle down with no?”

  2. you know, i never realized the blog would sink this low :( we really shouldn’t be promoting the degredation of our south asian sistas in this way.

  3. You’re right razib! Imagine, a Desi chick doing pornography! As members of the Superior Race of South Asians, we cannot bring ourselves down to this level. Leave pornography to those inferior Whites, Blacks, and (yellow) Asians!

  4. I dont think the blog has sunk low just b/c its mentioned a fact that has occurred.

    I do however think that pornography is a unfortunate fact in society both in the west and back on the subcontinent. Overall I would not call it a positive factor but then you get into the whole bit of where porn begins and those Bollywood dance numbers end. A lot of people are put off with the content in the movies these days.

    I dont like moral policing but I gotta admit I would personally not like to see many desi girls or guys going into this industry. Im not going to raise hell and try to stop them if they decide to go ahead with it, but I think that there are better careers to pursue. Just my 2 cents.

  5. I think anyone should be allowed to do or watch something as long as there is no coercion or oppression involved (which is very often not the case), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. It does seem like something Sepia Mutiny should be informing us of. Normally, I would just shrug and say, ‘to each his or her own.” But it seems unfortunate given the fact that it is still so damn hard for desis to get regular, easy-to-show-grandmother roles in America at all. I think the performing arts is the most prominent arena where desis face real discrimination, and I have to wonder if this is an indication that mainstream America isn’t really interested in a desi actress unless she takes her clothes off.

  6. Old news. Sunny Leone and Nadia Nyce (UK) have been around for ages. Not that I’d, uh, know.

  7. “our cokcs are too small”

    Speak for yourself bro. That’s all I’m going to say… speak for yourself.

  8. did you see this!?!?!

    “Favorite Position: Doggie
    Favorite Food: Italian

    she likes italian food more than brown food! and, “doggie”?!?!?! is that even in the kama sutra? doesn’t seem tantrically elevating to me.

  9. She’s too skinny. We want some curve and body. Those breasts are like little sparrows. What kind of Punjaban is this? We want a true paranta eating Punjaban with booty and bazoonga’s like ripe Jalandhar watermelons in June.

  10. Razib

    On that link you gave in the top right hand corner there is Sunny Leone with a blonde and they are doing some kind of inspection on some chicks ass. What the hell is this? Maybe she has some medical complaint or something. Do they think thats sexy? I can just imagine the cameraman, ‘Alright, look at the camera, pull her cheeks apart, now look sexy, thats great, look moody, ooooh yeah thats great, smile, not you in the middle, I was talking to the girls’

    I wonder about the owner of that ass. I will never see her face, but I have seen her ass sandwiched between that Canuck Punjaban’s face and some blonde. What a lifes achievment. This world is crazy, I’m telling you, it gets crazier every day.

    But like iDESI said, that picture will look good in her ad on when her mum and dad persuade her its time to settle down.

  11. I don’t understand the mindset of people who choose to go into porn. Don’t they realize that they will have a few years and then that’s it? And what are they going to do afterwards?

    “I wanted to sign with a company that would really help me advance…”

    What does that mean? Advance how? You mean, get out of the porn business?

  12. What does that mean? Advance how? You mean, get out of the porn business?

    Advance as in, go from just a porn actress to a producer, distributor, and owner of a company.

    Many of the big name porn people have gone on to make millions when they have transistioned to producing. Leading the way: The one and only Jenna Jameson.

    But you are correct in stating that the shelf life for just a career as a peformer is very short. Vivid is one of the largest companies and their peformers have gone on to make much more later on as a result of the promotion, marketing, and business skills they pick up at Vivid.

    Um, yea, I just read a lot.

  13. Isnt Sunny a boy name???? Why is she using a boy name? Is that her stage name or real name? I am deeply offended and strongly condemn this. What will happen to macho men like me and Sunny Deol, who are sooo proud of our oh so cool names???

    Next time i tell someone my name is Sunny – they are gonna ask – like that pron star!!!! Oh my God..i am mortified… someone please tell her to change her name… Oh my god… all my good for nothing cousins who read this are now gonna tease me… WAAAHHH

    And also…What does Leone mean? Is that Punjabi???Never heard of a punjabi called leone…I smell a rat.. I dont think she is Desi at all

  14. That is her “artistic” name. These people (and a lot of conventional actors) who use different names for a variety of reasons.

  15. With a fake name, the only way a pervert uncle can call you out, about your “career”, would also be a self admission to his being a connoisseur of porn.

    um. so I’ve heard from friends…

  16. the only way a pervert uncle can call you out

    Who is the pervert, the uncle or the pornstar? Or both? Or neither? Discuss.

  17. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had complaints about size, and I don’t think south asian men really have too much to worry about in terms of our genetic endowment

  18. To each his (her) own, bro. You chose to make dough writing code, she’s probably better at moaning for the camera. There’s money in it, and who cares abt Auntyji if you r getting millions (okay, hundreds of thou) just takin ur kit off.

    my 2 pai.

  19. SWEET! way to represent the DESI community! its about time we got one of our own in the industry…im tried of watching the whitees..and You can tell your wife its a Indian

  20. Sunny Leone is 24years old and already a self made millionaire… She is soon to be a multi-millionaire after this Vivid Contract…. She has rejected Traditional Indian Values. And has capitalized by being the first girl of Indian Decent to gain mainstream popularity in the Adult Entertainment Business….. Don’t be so judgemental people………. You may not respect her profession, (Most Indian Folk don’t) But I highly dought she cares…. She’s living it up and one of the best in her chosen profession…