First Miss Great Britain of Indian origin

We have reached yet another milestone as a community, one that was critical to our development. A desi of Indian origin has seized the coveted Miss Great Britain title!

With so few beauty pageant titles left unclaimed by the rising tide of brown in swimwear and heels, it was very important that we capture each of the remaining tiaras:

British-born Preeti Desai has become the first person of Indian origin to win the Miss Great Britain title replacing original winner Danielle Lloyd after she was stripped off the award for reportedly dating Judge Teddy Sheringham and agreeing to pose for Playboy magazine. [Link]

As with many winners, she has a heart-warming story behind her victory, one of filial piety:

Preeti gave all credit to her mum, who is recovering, from a serious illness. “When she was crowned Miss Great Britain she rang to tell me and said, ‘The crown is for you.’ I burst into tears. I felt as if I won that crown. I felt as if I am Miss Great Britain. She only wants to see me happy – both my girls do. They want to see me smiling thanks to them I was able to overcome that dreadful illness,” Hema said. [Link]

Like all good desi children, Preeti is multi-talented and ambitious. She worked for years in hair and beauty, before making a career switch to the family fireworks business and she may now be trying to get into property investment. In what I think are her own words:

She then started, and is currently working for the family business G2 Fireworks full time and was made Jr partner, which she built up after years of working for G2 Fireworks from being a child… Recently she decided to move to London and work as a model until she raised enough money to eventually get into the property business. [Link]

If you’re a fan, you can read her myspace page and personal website.

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  1. I knew it! I knew a Mandak/Godav guy would jump for Number 400.

    I have no idea what that meant. I was commenting on the length of this thread. Besides, I thoroughly enjoyed the long rambling nature of this thread. I predict 450 for this one!

  2. Sorry, DDiA. I thought you mentioned somewhere that you studied in Chennai (iitm). I know what you meant about the length. I would’ve predicted 500, but it seems to be losing steam, unlike this one which went until it was closed. No worries, you and I can add some random comments and bring it to 500. I’m always up for working towards a worthy cause :-)

  3. I did Kurma. But I consider the Godav/Mandak thing an insult :)

    working for the family business G2 Fireworks full time

    Ok, I am wondering why no one brought this up. So for the sake of adding to the length, let me say this… “Kya phataka hai!”

  4. Well, since we’re meandering, I think JoaT should be a guest blogger here and tell us all about her experiences working for Victoria’s Secret. No skimping on the details, please. But other descriptions can be as skimpy as necessary. Hubba hubba.

    On a slightly more serious note, I also think it would be interesting to hear from an SM commenter who’s actually taken part in one of these national beauty pageants.

  5. I’d like to register my strong vote for guest blogging by Janeofalltrades on any topic of her choice.

  6. So I can’t call her names because I’ll get banned immediately but shes so cute when she calls me dick and a bitch because she’s been here for awhile now. Oh I totally get it now

    Us freshies shouldn’t talk at all unless we’re saying what you want us to say and sucking up.

    Crystal clear


  7. Amini,

    With all due respect you are missing the point. If you are going to curse someone out you need to earn credibility to do it. Because people understand you better and it’s not going to come from a place of haterade but rather anger which we are all capable of.

    It’s like being a newcomer in any place. You don’t have to kiss ass but you can certainly try to make an effort to play by the rules before you break them. Breaking rules has to be earned.

    You are yet to apologize to Abhi and he tolerated your rude comments with humor so the way I see it you can’t take offence to what someone says till you take back what you said to offend originally. ANNA was way too gracious to you to tell you to play nice and several people told CinnamonRani to cool it as well to which she instantly said sorry she would. Did you? No? Well then what are you waiting for?

  8. Chick pea, how infamous Lara Dutt became when she dated Derek Jeter? Was she ostracized? And if so, was it because Derek Jeter is biracial (i.e. half white/half black) or other reasons?

  9. I’d just like to also mention that we gays, when not fabulously taking over the world, are only responsible for endorsing and enforcing body stereotypes of thinness/waifdom on each other :) Straight women seem to do just fine on their own.

    Muscle Mary is out, Twinky McAndrogyne is back in. Again. sigh What’s a desi boy to do? These solid child-bearing hips just won’t go away.

  10. Huey,

    I think infamous was just a choice of words, the world is still safe for black dudes who like desi girls

  11. Now, on a personal level I like women in gym shoes better than in high heels

    I agree on this one. I’m guessing that I’m in the minority, but I think that I look better in sneakers than in heels. (Warning: This post is about to take a very dorky turn)

    Here’s why: It all has to do with my center of mass. I’m 5’6″, and generally pretty skinny. However, I think my hips are unproportionally big compared to the rest of my body. Also my legs tend to be longer verses my torso compared to the average leg-torso ratio. So when I wear heels, I look like I’m going to topple over because my center of mass (which I consider my hips) is too high. However, in sneakers, I’m steady, more comfortable, and not quite so wobbly. And I can bust a move much better in sneakers than heels.

    Okay, I’m done nerding out. But if you run into me at a club, look down, and you’ll see some sneakers.

  12. out of curiosity, what percent of the male population that lurks here would rather spend the evening with Sunita Williams (Lady headed for Space)over spending it with Preeti Desai?

  13. Funny, I figured you would have shown up earlier when the topic was depilation …

    Well, when I was paged, I scoured Miss Britain’s pictures to try to find a trace a moustache or maybe some bleached stomach fuzz. However, she does a militant job of getting rid of her excess facial/body hair. Or perhaps she’s just airbrushed really well?

    I’ll be on the lookout for some red carpet pictures though, if she ever makes it that big. For kicks, here’s Tyra Banks with a moustache!

  14. I scoured Miss Britain’s pictures to try to find a trace a moustache or maybe some bleached stomach fuzz. However, she does a militant job of getting rid of her excess facial/body hair. Or perhaps she’s just airbrushed really well?

    Maybe she’s naturally hairless and has never had a mustache in her life. How many kinds of jealous would you be then?

  15. I would kill her for her genes, and splice them into my own. But let’s be realistic, an Indian person who’s never had a moustache? Well, I do believe in the tooth fairy…

  16. But let’s be realistic, an Indian person who’s never had a moustache? Well, I do believe in the tooth fairy…

    At age 90, my grandmother has never had hair on her arms or her legs, so it does happen …

  17. BMI is based on averages of WHITE people…desis generally have smaller body frames than the average white person, so they should not use BMI as a reference point. For example, my mom is 5’3 and 130 pounds-which is perfectly within the normal range. But that is definitely misleading, as she has diabetes. Even the flabbiest desi aunties I know are probably no more than 150 pounds. So please do not use BMI-it is not reflective of someone’s health!!

  18. Hi Everyone,

    I just came across your forum and thought i’d leave you a message, first of all the website link is wrong on the top of the page my correct official website is some guy is pretending to be me on the other ones. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, i only got so far down as if i read all of them i would be here for weeks, ha ha. I see one of the topics of conversation is my body, yes i am 5’8 and am 7 stone 12 pounds, but i have always been naturally thin, and you have to remember everyone is different.

    Anyway thanks again for your support and love, come visit me on

    Love Preeti Desai.

  19. she is horrible omg like the are so much more pretter asian grils out there!!!!!!!!!!!!i knw lots