All good things

Is our announcement that we are ending another elaborate April Fool’s joke?

Long time Sepia Mutiny readers know that SM has deceived its readers with devastating April Fool’s day pranks over the years. Go visit our site on previous April ones to see the results (exhibits A and B).

Alas, the truth is the greatest prank of all.  The wolf eventually does come…

But the good news is that our Twitter account will keep going for a while. Through it we can tell you where our writers can be found beyond this day:!/sepiamutiny

Our archives will also be up and accessible for the foreseeable future.

I’d like to thank our readers and donors.  Readers/Commenters you have to understand that without some of comments you left on our posts (and often it was your comments and not even our posts that were quoted in mainstream media) there would have been no blog.  Donors, we had a site that was both ad and influence free for 8 years thanks to you!  Please don’t (any of you) think your money was wasted.  100% of it went for server costs.

I’d also like to thank all my co-bloggers.  Those there at the beginning (Manish, Anna, Ennis, Vinod) the fresh blood (Amardeep, Siddhartha), the younger generation (Taz, Phillygrrl, Pavani) and the dozens of others who are all far more talented than I and tried to keep this site engaging.  And let’s not forget Chaitan, Kunjan, or the other admins that pitched in over the years to keep things running smoothly.

As for me, I look back with much fondness at my time here.  One thousand three hundred and twenty plus posts over eight years.  I have no idea how many actual hours that consumed but when you add that to the comment engagement and moderation I feel like I could have maybe made something of myself if I wasn’t busy blogging.  And it is too bad that we are ending today because I really want to write about this article tomorrow.  So many memories…but these following posts were my favorite ones (that I can still remember):

My First Ramadan

The Danish cartoon controversy: A contrast in protests

Everything is Illuminated

Don’t Drop the Soap

More Proof from Obama’s Pocket

Strangers in a Strange Land

Finally, for those of you wondering, I just created a Twitter account for “YoDad44” if you want to follow him.  As my mother pointed out, this farewell is a lot harder on him than on me.  Once I teach him how to tweet properly you can still follow his news postings…and he’ll then call me every morning to tell me how many times he got re-tweeted (“Abhi my story has the most views in last 24 hours, 7 days, and month on the news tab!”)

@themadblogger out.

9 thoughts on “All good things

  1. Abhi: Twitter for an old man!! OKaaaaaaay. You created the account for me just few hours ago, and I just checked my e-mail and I was swamped with tweets. There I go bragging about it ;-). It’s mind over matter right? Love… Your Dad

  2. I just added!/yodad44 to my favorites. If Yo Dad tweets news stories that he would have previously posted on SM I will still be able to read at least 90% of SM’s typical weekly content. Thank you, Yo Dad, for all of your hard work on SM and good luck with your new Twitter account.

  3. Girl from Philly: Thanks a million. I hope you mean it;-) As abhi said you can follow me on Twitter – I hate to tweet though… sounds obnoxius.. @YoDad44 Insah Allah – Khuda Hafez