Shanti Outta Brooklyn

With only a couple of Mondays left for a #MusicMonday, I know I had to make this one a song that will stick in your head for a while.

The song is by an MC I’m really surprised hasn’t been covered by the Mutiny before. Brooklyn Shanti, a Bengali DJ coming outta…. well … Brooklyn,  I heard about via Mandeep Sethi, my connection to all the latest in Desi hip-hop. Brooklyn Shanti is ridiculously prolific – his website and his bandcamp have tons of songs available for download and he’ll be coming out with an album in the next couple of months. Of course, I have an affinity for all things Bengali, and I absolutely instantly fell in love when I heard his Bangla lyric-ed song Rani, Rani.

His theme song’s not so bad either. Keep an eye on this guy – Brooklyn Shanti’s going to be going far with these skills.

Check out his bandcamp discography – if you like the above songs, I’m sure you’ll like what else he has. You can download his full album from June 2011 for free right here: Brookylin Circa 2012

I hope you’ve enjoyed the #MusicMonday’s at Sepia Mutiny these past couple of years – I started them because I wanted to have some content to provide for you on a weekly basis. After a while though, it became more of a scavenger hunt and a game to find the songs I would actually listen to on my iPod. I’ve found and befriended many of the artists profiled on these pages – and I’m hoping that my fantastical dream of Alterna-Desi Music Fest on the So Cal desert of Bombay Beach with these bands will happen some day. Some day…

4 thoughts on “Shanti Outta Brooklyn

  1. Will miss these Music Mondays. You introduced us to a lot of music I would not have heard otherwise. i didn’t like all the choices, but it was still nice to get to hear what contemporary desi American or desi Brit musicians are doing. In terms of talent, a little more classical training from the desh would be good because often these beats sound like techno music with a desi beat. More originality would be nice.

    thanks for these posts.

  2. taz, dha-kaw hobay…. you started a wiked section on this site…. balo-hoy thak-how, keep doing it? take it light….

  3. Taz: We first met you six years ago when Abhi was getting his PhD at UCLA. Again it was our pleasure to meet you and your sis at Abhi’s wedding last year. Love your Music Safari. Keep on your hunt and bring us the latest in the music, – if not on SM – may be at other venue. Good luck in all your future ventures.

  4. Brooklyn Shanti’s actually the guy from Dum Dum Project who used to go by the1shanti. Been around for a stretch of time. Good stuff!