Lowes Protects All Americans from Dumb Reality Shows

Dear Lowes,

I am writing to thank you for pulling advertising from TLC’s All-American Muslim. On behalf of myself and all other dumb-reality-television-hating folks, I want to express my gratitude for your efforts to make American reality television as transparent as possible. As a longtime Lowes consumer, I am proud to know that my hardware store cares enough about the community to influence the content of its television shows. You’re making history by taking home improvement to a whole new level.

I fervently hope you are the first in a long line of businesses to protest the Kim Kardashianesque shows that constitute American programming. (I mean honestly, if All-American Muslim mother-daughter Lila and Suehaila get into any more wedding-planning shenanigans about Shadia’s nuptials, I’m gonna scream.) For far too long, ‘reality television’ has been attempting to force-feed us citizens a brand of dumbed-down reality that simply doesn’t exist.  I admire you for taking a stand and saying, ‘No more fakery! No more family drama! No more idiotic reality shows!’

When I learned that the Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on December 6th that stated, “All-American Muslim is propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values,” I never imagined you, my hardware store would cave in be influenced by the voices of a small number of ordinary Americans.  

I applaud the strongly-worded email you sent to the FFA, in which you wrote, “While we continue to advertise on various cable networks, including TLC, there are certain programs that do not meet Lowe’s advertising guidelines, including the show you brought to our attention.  Lowe’s will no longer be advertising on that program.” I definitely agree with you that unless a certain program accurately displays every single variation of a certain demographic it has no place on American television. Incidentally, while we are on the subject of advertising, may I humbly suggest a few more dumb reality shows that I believe could benefit from your advertising guidelines? In no particular order:

  • 19 Kids and Counting. The Dugger family. Super Christians. Super fertile. Super nice. But this show only profiles Christians who appear to be somewhat ordinary folks while excluding those fringe-radical Christians that pose a clear threat to our American values.
  • Sister Wives. One man. Four wives. Sixteen children. This show purports to innocuously depict a harem of weepy, cake-baking mothers. But it riskily hides the Mormon agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.
  • Strange Sex. Glamorizes strange sex acts without fully portaying the dangers that can accompany certain fetishes. Erotic asphyxiation is a silent killer, people.
  • Cake Boss. Makes Americans think we can all bake – when in reality – ovens are danger. The last time I tried to bake, I almost burned down my kitchen!
  • I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Propaganda that riskily hides the dangers of pregnancy and makes it seems like anyone can give birth without the proper pre-natal care and be totally okay. False!

Thank you for your consideration. And thank you once again for taking a strong stance against dumb reality shows.

Yours in American home improvement,


P.S. Nice job using Twitter and Facebook to further alienate rally us fellow reality-television haters! I was getting really tired of the same old hammer/nail updates.

P.P.S. I wouldn’t take any #LowesHatesMuslims boycotts to heart. Muslim Americans and their peeps only represent a few million or so consumers. It’s the holidays! Relax! Sell some Christ-mass trees!

P.P.S. I’m telling everyone I know to call your CEO Robert Niblock: (704) 758-2084 or Executive Support Mr. Andrew Kilby: (866) 900-4650 and tell you how we really feel.


27 thoughts on “Lowes Protects All Americans from Dumb Reality Shows

  1. PG: A good Post. Incidentally I heard about few weeks ago when I was still on a business in India, that many many Lowes stores are going to be closed, mostly in the South.

    • Good point, Sanaz. Thank you for sharing. I specifically focused on Lowes because I found their statements made via social media particularly appalling. Their “We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, across our workforce and our customers, and we’re proud of that longstanding commitment” reeks of hypocrisy.

  2. @Phillygrrl- no worries. What you wrote was very well said. I just want others to know that there are many more companies involved in this matter.

  3. I’m watching clips of this show on youtube (hadn’t heard of it before). What a cool show. This country needs to learn a lot more about Islam and this would’ve been a great way to reach a few people. Alas, frickin racist corporations show their true colors.

    This reminds me of the time I watched “Amreeka” all alone in a theater in San Francisco (apparently, liberal paradise!).

    I hope some other companies step up and reinstate the sponsorship for this show. After all, it is the season of cheer and good spirits and all that.

  4. Thanks for this information. So what companies DO advertise on the show? Would like to write them and thank them for supporting the show.

  5. Oooh, this post timing was PERFECT because we just bought a new water heater from Lowe’s, and when the survey people called and asked, “How likely would you be to buy from Lowe’s again?” I got to answer, from a scale of 1-7, “ZERO.”

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  7. I dunno–with the Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist victory in Egypt, I am getting flashbacks to what the Muslims did in South Asian history–there are some real unaddressed issues there–all anti-Muslim sentiment is not mere bigotry.

    • Deepa, that you just equated the Muslim Brotherhood with the Salafists means you probably don’t know very much about Egypt’s recent political history, the political arms of either of those groups, or the lively and productive debates among Egyptian activists. Perhaps you could be a bit more concerned about why these companies are so invested in “protecting American values” when those values are currently funding the Egyptian Security Council’s regime of torture and terror? You see, the Egyptian military has kindly promised the United States that they would graciously disregard any and all election results from the Egyptian people so as to prevent “Islamism” from taking over. Lowes + SCAF = tru love? Maybe so!

      To break it down, I think all anti-Muslim sentiment IS bigotry. But your attempt to rationalize your own bigotry was kinda sweet.

      • “that you just equated the Muslim Brotherhood with the Salafists means you probably don’t know very much about Egypt’s recent political history”

        While it is true the Brotherhood is more moderate then the Salafis both are Islamist.

        “or the lively and productive debates among Egyptian activists”

        You mean the folks that got trounced in the elections?

      • If you look at the treatment of minorities in Muslim-majority countries, you would conclude in a rational manner that suspicion of the Muslim agenda is well-warranted.

        • Actually you would not conclude that, because you cannot punish someone for something they did not do. If there are cases of discrimination against non-Muslims in Muslim majority countries, that has nothing to do with Muslims living in America. They are not connected, responsible or justified in reducing American Muslims’ rights or liberties. It is ridiculous to go off of case by case scenarios to then draw out an suspicious agenda when there is absolutely no evidence that the existence of Muslims is somehow inherently negative, dangerous or trivial. There is no Muslim agenda. No religion has an agenda. It simply has a book of beliefs and followers who live their lives no matter what country they are born in. By showing what actual Muslims live like in America, there is no reason to believe that a dangerous agenda will be promoted. Face it, majority of Muslims are normal people, so you can stop crying wolf. Muslims have the right to live and practice here by order of the Constitution. Even if TLC doesn’t have a reality show about them or Lowe’s does advertise on the show, Muslims will continue to live and practice in America. End of story.

          • The Constitution does not guarantee a blank slate. People are entitled to look around. If they see Muslims, when they get a majority, oppressing others, and if this is a clear and distinct pattern, then they would be fools not to be suspicious of Muslim intents.

          • deepa, It’s people like you who will always and forever remain ignorant. Half the comments you have just explained don’t even make sense. If you can read deepa the derp, go read the constitution and you will understand nassima’s point of the part that explains freedom of speech and religion. So go take some medication to elevate your paranoia, American Muslims are not trying to get you you racist retard. Every race and religion has their extremists, you can’t judge the majority of that group based on the few extremists.

          • The constitution allows for the freedom to practice religion. It does not forbid folks like Deepa from forming an opinion. While I think of muslims in America just like any other folks, and I will never shop at Lowe’s or use Kayak.com, nowhere in the Constitution does it say folks like Deepa can’t be mistrustful of muslims.

  8. To bring the advertisers in, the show needs to keep its ratings as it did when the show premiered. Viewership has dropped through organized boycotts, therefore justifying bowing out of major advertisers. What a wonderful cover.

    Watch American Muslim=Zero bigotry. 7PM Sunday nights on TLC (my place it is channel 183.)

    When the show hits the top, all these companies will be stepping on one another to pay for 30 seconds.

  9. Deepa, why waste your time on this silly blog, with these blinkered leftists? You have a lot to contribute and I suggest you join reasonable people who understand your views. While the entire world is suspicious of Muslims for valid reasons, your reasoning with these degraded folks is akin to straightening a dog’s tail. It’ll just make one go around in circles and never forward, which is basically a fundamental and retrograde tenet of Islam.

  10. @ Ihatedeepa,

    You’re quite funny with your “tiny group of extremists” argument. I suggest you go to a nearby pond and give this argument to the fish inside, who may believe you.

    The rest of us know better.

  11. Home Deepa would justify the treatment of African Americans in the 1950’s and 60’s due to her reasonable suspicion.

    • Comparing Muslims to blacks is ridiculous. American blacks don’t have a billion-plus external constituency that is oppressing minorities like heck. Ever talk to a Pak minority, Paklegal? We don’t want America to become anything like that hellhole.