The Cinematic Soundtrack of Karsh Kale

cinema.jpgEver feel like you need a cinematic soundtrack to your day to day life? Karsh Kale’s Cinema may be for you.

The album exploded on the scene last week, going straight to number #1 in the charts. No surprise considering Karsh Kale has been a revolutionary voice to the on the scene for quite sometime. Kale got his start in a rock band, is known for his phenomenal tabla skills, worked in collaboration with the talented Anoushka Shankar in 2007 and most recently has been using his skills to soundtrack movies, such as with Ajay Naidu’s Ashes. It’s no surprise then, with his recent film scoring experiences that he chose to name his latest release, Cinema.

As one of the first groundbreaking genre busting artists in what is now an established musical fusion genre, Karsh Kale can only be referred to as legendary. The album Cinema takes listeners on a cinematic journey, each song reflecting a different emotion and journey. But instead of telling you about the music, how about listening to the music and deciding for yourself. And of course, download the song **Mallika Jam* for free below. The entire album is available on iTunes.

What makes Karsh Kale tick? I wanted to know. Check out the interview with Karsh Kale, and just to mix it up, I asked him to answer in triplicates. Read it below!

What are three words you’d use to describe your 4th solo album, Cinema?

Progressive, Nostalgic, Journey

What were your top three favorite moments in creating this album, Cinema?

  • The day the art work by Archan Nair arrived.
  • The day I finished the final mix w Illinton.
  • The day the album was released at reached #1 on Tunes World Chart. karsh kale.jpg What were the top three things that inspired your song writing for Cinema?

  • Childhood memories.

  • Traveling through different musical worlds.
  • Acoustic guitar.

You’ve had a very long and successful career, and have collaborated with an amazing range of artists. Who are your top three memorable artists you’ve collaborated with?

Sting , Zakir Hussain and Midival Punditz (could name more)

A couple of your songs on Cinema were influenced by your experience at the Burning Man Festival. What were your top three Burning Man moments?

  • First time arriving at the Burn and being attacked by a chain gang of girls in bikinis and Mexican wrestling masks.
  • Performing in a geodecent dome where the l.e.d floor lit up and reacted to my tabla playing.
  • DJing at the Hooka Dome.

Have to ask, with a title like Cinema, what are your top three favorite cinemas of all times?

You’ve performed around the world at what I can imagine an array of venues and festivals. What were your top three favorite shows you’ve performed at and why?

  • Stern Grove with Tabla Beat Science because it was my first performance w Zakir and it was in front of 17,000 people.
  • With Realize Live at Harbour Front Toronto. I had a great gig w Yosi Fine on Bass and Kirk Douglass (The Roots) on guitar.
  • With the Midival Punditz in Cooimbatore at the Isha Foundation Shivaratri celebrations. I performed at 3 in the morning in front of 400,000 dancing Shiva devotees.

What are three things you can’t leave the home without before you go on tour (beside the musical equipment, of course)?

Ipod, headphones, good shoes or sneakers…

What are the three albums you are listening to right now?

  • Social Network Soundtrack / Trent Reznor Atticus Ross,
  • The Melody of Rhythm/ Zakir Husain/ Bela Fleck/ Edger Meyer,
  • Moving Pictures / Rush

What are three things you hope to accomplish before the cinematic ending of your life? >

  • Score a Marvel Comics film.
  • To do a live concert in space.
  • Settle in a beach front home in a tropical place so I can spend hours staring at the water and listening to music.

Karsh Kale will be touring to promote this album this next month – you can check out his website to see when he’ll be touring near you. You can also follow Karsh Kale on twitter and of course, you can get his album now on iTunes.

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6 thoughts on “The Cinematic Soundtrack of Karsh Kale

  1. Barring the Geddy Lee factor, it’s good to see a famous person admit to liking Rush

  2. I love Karsh! his music is awesome. NYC desi’s miss the Mutiny days at the Cooler and Frying Pan. someone bring them back please!

  3. sorry to re-post. didn’t sign in before.

    I love Karsh! his music is awesome. NYC desi’s miss the Mutiny days at the Cooler and Frying Pan. someone bring them back please!

  4. Rush was never considered a guilty pleasure. So I do not know why it would be rare for someone to admit liking Rush in public. And Geddy Lee’s voice adds some personality to the Rush’s precision prog style of music that can get a little dull for the average listener.

  5. Great article about Karsh Kale. Marvel Comics film and tropical retirement sounds like a normal possibility, but space? Who knows, maybe it is closer than we think!