The Mutinous Holiday Greeting

At first, there was the “12 Days of Christmas” video from 2006. Then there was the Uncle-Ji-Jingle-Bells from 2009. This year, via MTV India, I present you with this.

And… an oldie but a goodie of my favorite Christmas song ever and in what looks like No Doubt circa late 90s running through the streets of India.

Oi! From our mutiny to yours: Happy Holidays, y’all!

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8 thoughts on “The Mutinous Holiday Greeting

  1. These are both so funny! It’s nice to hear an old No Doubt song that I’ve never heard before. I also love the jingle bell ladies. The song is actually nice but the cartoon is hilarious.

  2. Black Shiv Lingams with a weird accent depicting Tamilians – typical desi obliviousness to the racism they perpetuate.

    Taz, your intentions are obviously innocuous, but there is more in this silly video than meets the eye.

    Oh, Happy Holidays y’all.

  3. I don’t know if the little non-descript things repping Tamilians are supposed to be Shiv Lingams – only because, if you watch the Punjabi one (posted by my earlier) they have similarly shaped cartoons with little patkas on them.