Is It The Desi Dougie?

Is The Dougie a Desi dance move? This is the type the hard hitting questions asked only here at Sepia Mutiny. Evidence one, Brown people in kurtas & salwars dancing The Dougie.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, you’ve been living under a rock. Teach Me How to Dougie is the Macarana for the teens in 2010. Written by the Cali Swag District, it’s been high on the Punjabi remix and I’m sure on the playlist of every Bhangra Holiday Dance Party this season. Still skeptical of the Desi origin of The Dougie dance? Just watch the following video, evidence two. So hard to dispute…

So when’s the DJ Rekha remix of the song gonna come out? And who’s going to teach me how to Dougie? And more importantly, who’s gonna teach Abhi how to Dougie?

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4 thoughts on “Is It The Desi Dougie?

  1. theyre doing a bhangra version of the dougie, but isn’t that top video actually just part of the actual video? it’s at the end i think. the dougie’s from dallas, but the beat is def very bharatnatyam…but there are tons of other songs just like that like pop champagne by ron browz and waiting for my ruca by sublime. actually tons of nola bounce songs feature very indian sounding beats also so that’s probably where the idea of featuring bhangra in the video came from

  2. Thanks for sharing those, I did notice the first clip in the actual Dougie video too! Fit well, though, it’s fun why not!?