Let’s Help Juan Williams Identify More “Muslim Garb”…

Hi, my name is Anna, often spelled “A N N A”. You might remember me from my past roles as “Mutineer # 3″, “Only Vagina in the Bunker”, “Over-dressed-brown-girl-at-Bhangra-Blowout”, “The abnormal, Vegetarian Mallu” and “Token”.

These days, I am consumed with my nifty new job as a reporter with D.C. NPR-affiliate, WAMU, 88.5 FM, where I write and curate the DCentric blog. Precisely because of my dream job, I have received emails from some of you asking me to opine about Juan Williams, who was recently let go from NPR because of comments he made on FOX’s “The O’Reilly Factor” about Muslim people and their garb freaking him out. To those readers who have reached out to me, I would like to say two things:

1) Aw, thanks! I’m flattered you care what I think…

2) ARE YOU INSANE? If I get fired, I ain’t gettin’ $2 Million from FOX.

Instead of wading in to this controversy, I will point you towards this HILARIOUS Tumblr called, “Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things”. And if you insist on a Desi connection, check this out:

This unfortunate Muslim is wearing Ed Hardy. He is called Salman Khan.


I will also add that this wasn’t the first time NPR had issues with Juan (he did, after all, call the First Lady “Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress“). Hey…is it just me, or does Juan Williams seem really preoccupied with what people wear…

63 thoughts on “Let’s Help Juan Williams Identify More “Muslim Garb”…

  1. Wow. I haven’t posted here for a few years. anyways, NPR was foolish in letting him go. Juan Williams always defends muslims.

  2. A Pakistanis reaction to Juan Williams comments.

    Why I get nervous when traveling with people in Hindu garb

    Not too many things bother me when I am traveling, but every now and then I see men in yellow (formerly white)dhotis and women clad in barely sufficient saris waiting to board the same airplane.

    Suddenly I am overcome with a paralyzing fear of bald men doing a Hare Krishna in the aisles as they do Pooja right in front of pious passengers.

    Then there is always the possibility of some wacko sadhu doing arti and causing a panic as his dhoti catches fire and not even his sterile holy urine is able to extinguish the flames of his premature funeral.

    The worst fear is the prospect of a horny Hindu female dragging a dead horse through the aisle as she makes her way to the rear (of the aircraft). What if the horse comes alive at 30000 feet as she fulfills her nacro macro?

    Now Chowk will surely ban me for sharing my innermost fears.

    He has several articles published on some south asian websites.

  3. Anybody else put off by the shitty middlebrow nature of NPR (an environment where Juan Williams’ level of talent is an even match)? I’ve very thankful for intellectual podcasts as an alternative -I just wish they replaced NPR’s programming in NPR’s enviable broadcast affiliate network.