Zardari Tells Crowd to Shaddup

There’s an amusing YouTube video going ’round the Interwebz that I thought you mutineers might enjoy. It shows the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari addressing a crowd of supporters. In the middle of a speech about democracy he interrupts himself to shout “Shaddup” to the noisy crowd. As the blog CHUP put it, “maybe the President should consider being a little nicer to people, especially those who show up at his rallies.” Hmm, somebody’s momma didn’t teach him manners. My little cousins (who aren’t allowed to say the word) would be appalled. Or perhaps Zardari is just plain sick in the head? Either way, the clip makes for a good remix, don’t you think?

(h/t Anil)

5 thoughts on “Zardari Tells Crowd to Shaddup

  1. Ha. Ha.

    Shaddup is something you have to say ALOT in the subcontinent if you want to get a word in edgewise, unfortunately.

    I support him.

  2. I like Bilawal’s youtube clips where he tries to speak urdu more. But I can see that he gets his ability to entertain from his vulgar dad.