Taz’s First DC SM Meetup — This Sunday!

Chaat.jpgThis week Desis will be congregating in the nation’s capitol for SAALT‘s South Asian Summit (registration is closed, but tickets still available for the Change Maker Award). Both Abhi and I will be sitting on panels for the summit and we were thinking, why not incorporate a classic Sepia Mutiny meetup into the mix?

So how about it? A ‘Chaat and Chai’ 4-7 pm Sepia Mutiny Meetup on Sunday April 26th? Though D.C. was home way back in the days, I’ve never been to a D.C. meetup, and would be really excited to meet Chocolate City’s mutineers.

What I need from you:

  1. RSVP in the comments with your e-mail address if you can make it.

  2. Recommendations for the perfect chaat and chai joint for our meetup.

If you’ve never been to a meetup, it’s basically a space where fun is had, friends are made, faces are finally put to handles. It’ll be fun, promise and totally worth the trip to kick it with Mutineers, new and old. Open to bloggers, commenters, lurkers, and the de-lurked. Yes, that means you. Come. Join us.

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Taz is an activist, organizer and writer based in California. She is the founder of South Asian American Voting Youth (SAAVY), curates MutinousMindState.tumblr.com and blogs at TazzyStar.blogspot.com. Follow her at twitter.com/tazzystar

39 thoughts on “Taz’s First DC SM Meetup — This Sunday!

  1. Are you sure you want to have meet-up on Sunday 26th, and not Saturday 25th between 1600 ~ 1900?

  2. i think that big pile on the top left looks nasty. vat be that? and it looks like a bat or a skinned opossum in the display below the panipuri shells.

  3. I’m a DC lurker, and would be interested in joining…but thought I should point out that there’s a book reading/fund raising event scheduled at Busboys on Sunday at 4. Ironically, it’s for a South Asian author – Samrat Upadhyay (Nepali-born, US based), reading from his newest collection of short stories. I was planning to attend the reading, and of course this doesn’t have to affect the meetup plan as the cafe is large, but perhaps starting an hour later/lending support to the author might be a happy compromise and provide some food for discussion?

  4. SK,

    That sounds like an awesome idea. So unofficially at 4 so that we can congregate for the book reading and officially at 5pm then? At Busby? Looking for a mass of brown people may be a little tough in this situation – I’ll make a sign and grab a corner early on. Looks like a small group of about 7-ish anyways, so it should be easier to find a table/corner…

  5. Hmm all the good south Asian restaurants around here are ridiculously expensive and have had their menus adjusted for the yuppies,

    That’s quite a generalization. Perhaps you could enlighten those of us who aren’t as attuned to yuppie-centric menu-tampering with actual examples of restaurants which are “ridiculously expensive” and inauthentic?

  6. Taz, sounds great – look forward to meeting you and others. I will be there for the reading, and will look for the group afterward.

  7. actually.. myself.. but now that you bring it up who’s on the black list, err ah or brown list?

  8. Almost. Who do you have in mind? Are you thinking of bringing Pardesi Gori, hmm?

    At your service.

  9. I had lot of fun during the 2 or 3 meetups I attended in DC. I dont live there anymore. Have fun y’all.

  10. ALL are welcome to come to meet-ups. Not just people who know each other. The vast majority of peeps at past meet-ups have been strangers to each other and thats what makes it fun. The only people SM’ers won’t be thrilled to see is the increasingly creepy potentially stalkerish types (and they already know who they are).

  11. damn it, how about one in London? I’m always in the wrong city at the wrong time…

  12. creepy potentially stalkerish types

    are the non-stalikerish but still creepy types welcome?

  13. I might be there. I haven’t been commenting on SM as much the past year or so, so I feel a little more out of the loop.

  14. Damn! I live in DC and was at the last meetup, but will be out of town this weekend. Have fun, and let’s do another DC meetup soon!

  15. go easy on the food pictures guys!! i live in a college town void of pani puri =[

  16. I just moved to DC, and I would love to try and meet up if possible. I did hear that Woodlands in Langley Park is amazing, especially for their buffet, which I think runs on the weekends, too, but you’d miss it if you met after lunch. It’s a short drive away from downtown.

  17. Hi Taz,

    I’ve been to previous meetups. I will try very hard to make it to this one as well. I enjoyed the last meetup we had. Too bad ANNA isn’t here. sigh

  18. Hi all,

    I’ve been having a great time in DC at the South Asian Summit and hope to see you all tonight – it’s at Busboy and Poet at 14th and V at 5pm. I’m not sure about the space but let’s overwhelm them and see how it goes…