A Coachella Mashup

I went to Coachella on the wrong day it seems. Had I known this trio would be a trio, I would’ve trekked desert-ward one day sooner…(Hat tip to Aziz’s twitter).

Coachella with Kanye.jpg
I’m thinking a) M.I.A. lookin’ that skinny so soon after baby?; b) What is Aziz Ansari thinking with that expression on his face?; c) Can you imagine a M.I.A./Kanye/Aziz remixed mashup? It’d be funny, for sure.

I was at Coachella on Sunday and played ‘Spot the Alterna-Desi’ the entire day — critical mass of Browns for the K’Naan set, if that. Did anyone else go to Coachella this weekend and get to see M.I.A. perform on Saturday night? Any other Desis (famous or otherwise) spotted?

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12 thoughts on “A Coachella Mashup

  1. If you go to youtube their are clips of her set, which include an intro where all these Indians or some other type of brown people are at some protest and they are calling her a terrorist.

    I think she is horrible live, but the you tube clips show that she has improved somewhat as a live act.

  2. Kanye is super talented and it was interesting hearing his profound reaction to the latest South Park caricature where he admitted he needs to change his personal outlook.

    He should hire Aziz as his personal ‘keep my ego in check’ dude and let Aziz rip on him every time he needed to be grounded.

    M.I.A is a very cool live act.

  3. What is Aziz Ansari thinking with that expression on his face?

    OMG! She put her arm around me.

  4. “Now we’re up in the big leagues gettin’ our turn at bat. As long as we live, it’s you and me baby. There ain’t nothin wrong with that.”

  5. I can’t stand Kanye. Arrogant and annoying and I’m not feelin his music. Especially on his new album. And why is he dating some ugly ass bald chick??

    MIA is shweet though.

  6. You know, there is a problem with the statement “…just pick up a camera and …” It’s a pet peeve but it is very misleading. One just doesn’t pick up a camera and create something of value. There are a lot of things that are involved in this process, lots of resources to be invoked, lots of passion and patience is needed. Telling kids to simply pick up a camera and do something is just very uneducated. Lets provide them with a backing and a type of support that truly enables this as well.

    Just two cents here.

  7. MIA is so weaksauce. I love all that hipster electronic shizz, but I cannot stand that horrible, nasal, brit rapper cadence that she’s got. Also, she misses the sounds of gunfire. Fetishizing ethnic violence ftw.