UPDATE! Sampurna Basu has been found.

Sampurna Basu is safe.

She was found in San Francisco. Apparently, she ran away. Thank you to everyone who re-posted this story or otherwise helped with the search. More info here (thanks, RK).


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Sampurna Basu

I just saw an alarming email via the ASATA list– a Desi teen from the bay area is missing. Please keep your eyes open, forward this post to your friends, do whatever you can do.

The following information is from the Klaas Foundation:

Missing Child: Sampurna

Nickname: Sami

Date Missing: 03/20/2009
Missing From: San Mateo
DOB: 12/30/1993
Age at Disappearance: 15 years old
Sex: Female
Race: Indian
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Other: Sampurna has a scar above her right eyebrow and a small scar on right side of her nose.

Circumstances: Sampurna went missing from San Mateo, California on March 20, 2009. Sampurna has not been seen or heard from her since her disappearance. She may still be in the local area.


My prayers are with her family, friends and everyone who is searching for her.

13 thoughts on “UPDATE! Sampurna Basu has been found.

  1. Probably because we didn’t hear about it. We’re not a news bureau, we’re a bunch of part time bloggers who try to fit this in when we have time. We don’t write about all the missing persons cases out there by a long shot, it’s really a matter of accident more than anything else.

  2. 11 · Saj said

    Malayali shoots himself and 5 others in santa clara, california

    What is with these DBD losers, if you want to kill yourself, go for it, but don’t take your spouse and kids too. There are support groups out there, desis and non-desis, call them please.

  3. 13 · ShallowThinker said

    Why are desis making the negative news at such a high rate?

    Like this doesn’t happen among other ethnic communities? And as if these things are all too common in India. You should remove the “thinker” from your name and just leave it as “Shallow”.

    Btw, thank God the girl was found!

  4. Please do not hijack threads. This post is about Sampurna Basu, not other news, no matter how tragic. We are working on a post about the news you are all so desperate to discuss.

  5. very good news. Hope parents treat her with care and not give her normal desi treatment of few chhitter.