Some Hin-dos and Hin-don’ts via The Colbear Report

In the following adorable clip, Stephen Colbert worries about Democratic nominee Bharath Obama being church-less and offers some divine guidance regarding salvation and religious affiliation; the segment is apparently the first of many in a series where Colbert thoughtfully helps Obama try on various faiths…I’m guessing Islam won’t be included. (Thanks for the tip, Maisnon and Kalyan!)

I share Maisnon’s skepticism about Auntie’s “no guilt!!”-claim, how about you? I also love the “spoiler” about how Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan will be paying his karmic debt. Finally, isn’t Colbert a little late with this fantastic suggestion? Bharath seems rather fond of Hinduism already.

55 thoughts on “Some Hin-dos and Hin-don’ts via The Colbear Report

  1. 47 · Salil Maniktahla said

    I’m curious. Is this a South Asian thing? Do other immigrant transplant cultures here in America think that it’s appropriate to send children to their homeland if they’re being problematic?

    Where else would one send the mentally troubled, but to the asylum ?

  2. To all you Memphis-born confused desis and their diatribes on aunty — aunty is way cooler than you. Let’s see you try to explain Hinduism in less than two sentences and encompass all of aum.

  3. While the premise of this segment is promising, Colbert wastes an opportunity here. Watching this clip is like watching a 5 year-old tell knock-knock jokes; lines you’ve heard before that are remain unimaginative and bland the second time around. These standard “jokes” (read: superficial American understandings) on Hinduism disappointed me. Colbert was so formulaic I thought there might still a writer’s strike on.

    Finally I was also disappointed with the way he treated Dr. Mysorekar, a leader who was there with serious intentions, but had essentially been brought in to provide Colbert with more opportunities to needle her with tasteless, reduntant remarks. A little of that is ok, but it was clear to me Colbert had no other intention to invite her on the show.

    Overall the segment was like one long compilation of all the Apu jokes in 15 seasons of the Simpsons (except less funny).

    BRoWN ST*R ouT

  4. I don’t know about Diwali but according to this Bengali Durgapuja is commercial enough.