Pose Your Questions to Amit Singh…

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to interview Amit Singh who is a currently a GOP primary candidate for Virginia’s 8th District congressional seat. The interview covered a variety of topics and generated some interesting comments & discussion amongst the Mutiny. One specific request was an opportunity for other folks to hit him with questions of their own.

I pinged Amit and not only did he enjoy reading the discussion spawned by the interview but he was pretty interested in doing more Q&A with us. So, we’re going to use this post for other readers to send their questions to Amit.

I do wanna set a few groundrules –

  • STRUCTURE: We’ve all got day jobs (this is a jetlagged-in-a-foreign-hotel blogpost, for ex.) so rather than a Live Q&A (which requires realtime moderation), I’m going to use this blogpost to compile questions from folks and present them to Amit who’ll hit ‘em in a subsequent post. Schedules permitting, we may try to do some Live Q&A afterwards.
  • TIMING: Between Amit’s campaign schedule and my work/travel schedule we’ll give commentor’s here ~1 week to post questions and about a week or so later, I’ll get the responses up and posted.
  • MODERATION: Because politics can bring out the nasty side of a very small number folks, it’s worth being pretty direct here – If your question / comment is a personal attack, rude or insulting, SM Intern will delete it (yep, our busy intern was forced to pounce on a few in the last interview with Amit; others were borderline). If it’s *really* rude or insulting, you get banned. One can disagree without being disagreeable. And, we’ll try our best but, in all likelihood, not all questions will get addressed.

Fire away….

56 thoughts on “Pose Your Questions to Amit Singh…

  1. What’s your stance on pro-life issues (abortion, stem-cell research, Death penalty,etc)?

    Yes, excellent question. Mr. Singh, what is your position on dialectics? Are you for or against? Kantian, Hegelian, or Marxian?

  2. What will you do to limit the power of the executive branch – Bush has illegally appropriated many powers to himself which will be carried forward unless these powers are specifically revoked. Will you at least bring attention to this issue (Why is nobody asking any of the presidential candidates this question, btw)?

  3. ok… closing off the comments and will send this (very large) basket of questions to Amit.

    Thanks to all who contributed and apologies in advance if Amit doesn’t get to all the questions here….