Another SM "caption contest"

Have at it Mutineers. Let’s see some of you drop your “lurker” status and creatively describe what is happening in these news pictures (all taken in the last 24 hours). And no, the monster from the movie Cloverfield was not spotted in Mumbai in case that is what you were thinking.

Whoa. Jessica Alba is kind of hot.

For those of you who don’t have a creative bone in your body and just want the facts, here they are:

Stocks fell sharply worldwide Monday following declines on Wall Street last week amid investor pessimism over the U.S. government’s stimulus plan to prevent a recession.

U.S. markets were closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but the downbeat mood from last week’s market declines there circled through Europe, Asia and the Americas. Britain’s benchmark FTSE-100 slumped 5.5 percent to 5,578.20, France’s CAC-40 Index tumbled 6.8 percent to 4,744.15, and Germany’s blue-chip DAX 30 plunged 7.2 percent to 6,790.19.

In Asia, India’s benchmark stock index tumbled 7.4 percent, while Hong Kong’s blue-chip Hang Seng index plummeted 5.5 percent to 23,818.86, its biggest percentage drop since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. [Link]

49 thoughts on “Another SM "caption contest"

  1. first pic:

    forget ayurveda, it’s time for some ‘head on’..’apply directly to the forehead’.. ‘head on’

  2. 1st pic: (Man with ear buds and chin beard)

    Hmmm, now that Adnan’s out of the picture, I may have a chance with Britney, I know she has an itch for that brown sugar. And you know what they say…once you go desi, you’ll go crazy. I better keep listening to Gimme Gimme to get some clues into her psyche and beef up my game.

  3. thought cloud of the dude in the background of the 3rd pic, with half-a-(naughty?)-smile and one hand (delicately placed?!) on his buddy’s shoulder:

    ‘Jessica may have a killer body … but your fat bottom still makes my world go round, Pande-ya!!’

  4. Pic # 3

    Crashing markets, the portentous ticker, The frazzl’d day-traders, ready to bicker. Even the stormy weather cast a dark pall; But thank Thor, for his consolations small. Onto her balcony, a lass jauntily came; Why, ’twas dear Shamita shame-shame! The wind-god cat-called and snickered; Skirt flies up, our lady’s de-knickered! Suing Varuna now, the lady’s quite irate; While wretched brokers marvel their fate. A second ago, to their terminals chained, Next peering skyward, their necks craned. Lakshmi etched sliver-linings on dark clouds! Finally they believed, abandoned all doubts. Poor Miss Shetty, angered, fumes and spouts, “How to punish these roguish lecherous louts?” A dozen pins in her purse, she’s armed for safety; Defense against pricks – whether deity or laity.

  5. Pic #1 – ‘It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, that’s Hanuman in the beard, right behind me.”

    portmanteau, how did you get so good?

  6. Pic 1: “Is that Mukesh Ambani on the roof of his tower? What the hell… is he drunk?” Pic 2: “Damn sun in my eyes.. wait.. yeah, that’s him all right. Did you know he has two helipads up there? Arrogant bastard!” Pic 3: “Jump! Jump! Jump!..”

  7. 2nd picture…

    (Insert your favorite deity’s name here)! Madhu’s wedding/ Anshul’s college fees/ Pappu ki maa ki surgery/ kamine zamindar ka karz etc is up to you now, Lord.

  8. 1st pic: A mob of Indian men gather to try to sexually grope a giant dutch women. 2nd pic: Indian man fails misrabley at mimicking a giant tower

  9. i like your caption for #3. and nala, thanks :) ; although, i’m far less prolific than you :)

  10. and nala, thanks :) ; although, i’m far less prolific than you :)

    good things come in small packages…

    2: Yes, I’m a macaca, why do you ask? (forward to about 3:30)

  11. Pic2: Oh Almightly God of the Sensex, I promise not to leave my positions unhedged in the future.

  12. (Man in the third picture is singing) “Ohhhhh – Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” (The SpongeBob Square Pants Opening Theme)

  13. 2 pic:

    Oh god, not another Rambo movie. Why not bring back Dharmender and Hema Malini for a joint effort, instead?

  14. What’s a “Dalla”?

    Dalla means broker. Although usually refers to a pimp.

    1: (Bearded man on right) chey! i shouldnt have eaten with my hands. i told that kunjamma a hundred times that meen curry is going to smell.

    2: “Village idiot of Bhelgaon, they said. Fools! Ingrates! If I dont cure this BSE this night, I am not my father’s son!”, thought Natturam the bovine sleuth, as he surreptitiously snuck out to this demon those city slickers called BSE.

    3: sex ed is so tough

  15. Chick Pea and Ms. Ichana: You guys are funny and right on. My 2cents: Picture 1: Is that Batman….Superman….. Oh shit it’s Narendra Modi Picture 2: Sonia Maa ki jai Ho ! Picture 3: Damn I am hungry. I wish someone toss a ‘Bundi Laddo” straight in my mouth. It is good to be back in good old USA.

  16. 1–”Hai Bagwan! Is that Amitabh Bhachan…applying…hair dye???!!!! Impossible!!”

    2–”A great silence settled over the newly gilt city as all and sundry raised their eyes, and eventually their palms, in supplication to Invisible Hand-ji”

    3–”Roshan Seth stood, mouth agape, as the days’ Sania Mirza trading ground to an all-time low with a straight-sets defeat destroying investor confidence”

  17. 1- The good men of Lillipath sullenly watched as Gulliver slinked away, embarassed, cursing at his defunct GPS machine.

  18. #2–”A great silence settled over the newly gilt city as all and sundry raised their eyes, and eventually their palms, in supplication to Invisible Hand-ji”

    Muralimannered absolutely wins! LOVE it! I was thinking along similar lines, but best I could come up with was something like:

    “The sun casts a foreboding and searing glare on an inauspicious January day while the desperate and incredulous raise their eyes and hands toward the mighty and revered BSE-Lingam.”

  19. [[Bystanders both awestruck and envious of Shah Rukh's shirtless performance in the Bollywood hit, "Dard-e-Disco" ]]

    Lame I know – but just couldn’t resist ;-)

  20. It finally happened, all that hot air sent that politician floating to the stars.

    Lame I know, but I couldn’t resist either…haha

    1. I’m joining my farmer brother from Vidarbha in heaven.

    2. Bum bum bole! It’s Mumbai’s biggest Shivling

    3. I missed the 8.45 to Churcgate again

  21. 1: If that dude behind gives me one more of ‘em ‘flying kisses’… 2: Oh Lord, strike down those who indulge in coitus on the wrong side of the fence! 3: Man, look at that divine being and bearded man getting it on. I feel a stirring within me…


    1. “Fareed Zakaria says put the SuperGlue on your finger, then rub your lips, and then we can talk about the Iraq war.”

    2. PG finds a newer better comment engine.

    3. Umm…same caption as #2 fits here, as well.