Beats, Rhymes and Life 2: Open-mic in Houston-WED

For those readers who live in the Houston, Texas area (or have friends out here in need of a better social life), this Wednesday night at 8:30p.m. some friends and I will be hosting a South Asian open-mic night at The Proletariat. This is the second time this event is being held. The first time we had a highly successful night last July where over a 120 people showed up to Bar Bollywood. The model for this type of event was based on D.C.’s Subcontinental Drift (which Anna has coincidentally just posted about as I’ve been writing this). The purpose of this event is to put a brighter spotlight on all the talented desi and desi-inspired artists we have here in the Houston area.

On stage (yes, we have a stage this time) we will have a ridiculously good drum circle (they stole the show last time), two comedians, a couple of singers, a drama piece by Shunya, a dance, spoken word, and a fabulous DJ.


Location: The Proletariat
903 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006 US
When: Wednesday, January 23, 8:30p.m.-12:00a.m.

Please come on time because we will begin promptly at 9p.m. and you’ll regret missing any of the talent we’ve got lined up. No charge. And we will still be signing up people for the South Asian Bone Marrow Registry. The battle continues.

p.s. If you want to take to the mic email me: abhi [at]

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