It’s poor form to leave a party without saying goodbye. And though for a while now I’ve done little more than relax on the porch and watch the revelers come and go, it’s time now for me to head back out into the city. I’ve had a rich and productive experience here and I thank you all for the insight and the perspectives; you’ve helped me through changes and contributed to my growth in ways you don’t know. I don’t have time to blog at this point, but there are other ways to maintain and contribute to online communities, and I look forward to running into some of you in those future settings. To everyone: Go forward with honesty, kindness, and joy in our complex and ambiguous diasporic lives. PEACE.

81 thoughts on “5000

  1. I knew it and I’m deeply saddened…

    you’ve helped me through changes and contributed to my growth in ways you don’t know.

    likewise, man, likewise.

    Blaze trails.

  2. Bye Siddhartha. Sorry to see you go. Have enjoyed this blog for a while now that it feels like a ‘home’ on the web.

  3. Siddhartha,

    Thank you for the time that you spent on this blog and for all of your posts. I enjoyed reading your work and it was one of the things that made me stick with this blog in the first place. Best of luck and I hope we will see you around here from time to time.

    :0) SemiDesiMasala

  4. you’ve helped me through changes and contributed to my growth in ways you don’t know

    dude likewise. very unfotunate we didn’t get a chance to chat the other Friday, but stoked to meet you regardless. you, cica and ultra were the main reason i came up to NYC. best of luck bro.

  5. NOOOOO! I was waiting for your “comeback” post. All the best and I am sure I’ll catch you ’round town.

  6. without a doubt, with your skilled rhetoric in posts and strong arguments in the comment sections, you were my favorite mutineer.

    best of luck in any future activities!

  7. Yes, sad to hear you’re leaving man. I’ve actually met you a few times — at Patrick Cox’s or Bianca and Phillip’s house probably and once at a Rashid Taha concert at the Paradise.

  8. SM with no SM??

    Mais, ce n’est pas possible!

    At least we can enjoy you online and on air at WNYC.

    Best of luck in all that you do, felinely yours, Filmiholic

  9. Of all the talent here at SM, I’m proud to say I felt your writing among the most thought provoking and honest. I will miss that unique outlook.

  10. Siddhartha, sad to see you leaving SM.

    My first comment here at SM was on one of your posts. And browsing the archives, I came across your conversations with Desi Dancer on interraciality and desiness, and those were long, thoroughly insightful explorations of a kind I haven’t read anywhere else.

    I also absolutely loved how you got into cricket during the World Cup and brought us dispatches from Indo-Carib bars. Your unique takes on art and music and desiness will also be missed.

    But there’s always your own blog and NPR, and you will probably continue to comment here, either as yourself or incognito, right? 🙂

    Good luck, friend.

  11. I second #21. Was just going to ask you to return from summer vacation.

    Thanks for the great posts!

  12. Hind-Jew, Your contributions have been among my favourites. Good luck to ya bud..

  13. I’ve always enjoyed reading your well-written posts. Best of luck in your endeavors. I just now hope that ennis and amardeep don’t jump ship!

  14. Aw, what a tragedy. SM has become a better place because of you. You will be missed.

  15. I just now hope that ennis and amardeep don’t jump ship!

    I will convey to Abhi and Anna that you don’t mind if they do. 😉

    Siddhartha, you were always the gentlest, to the interns. Your kindness (and the music wafting out of your room) will be missed.

  16. SM Intern wrote:

    I will convey to Abhi and Anna that you don’t mind if they do. 😉

    Well, since this is Abhi’s endeavor (unless I have an incorrect version of SM history in my mind), I figure if he stays, SM stays and vice versa. Intern, I always knew there was a trouble-making streak below that mild-mannered exterior! Must be all the bananas…

  17. Siddhartha:

    You’ve been one of my very favorite posters to read and follow here. Thank you for all you’ve contributed, and good luck with all you’re moving on to! All my best wishes to you and yours.

  18. Ah, siddhartha, you bid farewell in your typical, Buddha-like enigmatic style. Happy travels, man, with whatever you do, and maybe I will meet you sometime.

    P.S: Is 5000 the number of your post? Were you just waiting for that milestone to bid adieu?

  19. Siddhartha:

    You arrived at the party bearing a fine bottle of Sour Mash, a witty sidekick, and a wicked intellect. Oozing charm and elegance rivaled only by the Antichrist, you had half the ladies present removing their panties faster than the by the Tom Jones Fan Club attempting to secure an encore. And then you were gone.

    Too soon I might add. Too soon.


  20. Say it ain’t so!! Good luck, Siddhartha. Thanks for all the fantastic posts. I do hope you’ll stop by every now and then with a comment.

  21. It was one of your post that ‘made me’de-lurk, all the best, bye 🙁

  22. thanks for elevating the discourse and decency, brother. will miss you around here, but as filmiholic says, thank goodness for WNYC. peace.

  23. Rahul, Re: 5000

    Thanks for the clarification, coach. I guess I wasn’t cool enough to figure it out 🙂

  24. Thanks for the good times! I too first delurked to comment on one of your posts. Go well and come back to visit, or let us know where to find you.

  25. I’m really sad to find out you’re leaving. Thanks for all you have added to this community. Best wishes to you in future.