It’s poor form to leave a party without saying goodbye. And though for a while now I’ve done little more than relax on the porch and watch the revelers come and go, it’s time now for me to head back out into the city. I’ve had a rich and productive experience here and I thank you all for the insight and the perspectives; you’ve helped me through changes and contributed to my growth in ways you don’t know. I don’t have time to blog at this point, but there are other ways to maintain and contribute to online communities, and I look forward to running into some of you in those future settings. To everyone: Go forward with honesty, kindness, and joy in our complex and ambiguous diasporic lives. PEACE.

81 thoughts on “5000

  1. Oo-Bop-Sh’ Bam, taking it Straight, No Chaser

    All The Things You Are, Sweet And Lovely, So Tranquilizin’

    without you

    A Different Journey, Life Between The Exit Signs, a Chromatic Aberration

    Pout’s Over, will be Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid on the WNYC Ooh-Pa-Pa-Dah

    Have A Real Time Moonchild In Your Quiet Place


  2. Siddhartha – Bloody shame that you are not blogging these day. Auf wiedersehen or should it be Auf schriebersehen?

  3. Siddhartha – im gonna really miss your posts and thoughtful insights on pretty much every desilicious topic out there. good luck in the future!

  4. Best of luck! Thanks for all the interesting reads. Do keep us posted if and when you start a blog or online community of yours!

  5. Siddhartha, thanks for all the excellent posts. You’re a good man and a good writer. Best of luck.

  6. Hey Siddhartha, you made my year one day last February! Will miss you and will keep an eye on your girl M.I.A….Have some good times and please come back for at least a guest appearance one day!

  7. My friend, you’ve made your exit in the sagely manner of your namesake; I shan’t ask for more, no matter how much I’ll miss your voice here.

    I look forward to seeing you bring it wherever life takes you. Do it like you do.

  8. Bye Siddhartha! Looking forward to reading your comments when you have the chance to write something.

  9. I return from a blissful weekend in the remote backwaters of San Francisco, happily away from the computer, and what do I return to? Y’alls been talking about me, whitey’s been steeling our wimmen, and, most shocking of all, our resident bodhisattva has just completed his 10 step plan.

    It’s too much to process. I’m going back to the Tea Garden to make sense of all this malarky.

    Good luck, Siddartha- you’ll truly be missed ’round these parts.

  10. Oh Siddhartha! Say it isn’t so!

    “There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…”

    That voodoo that you do so well will be much missed hereabouts.

  11. You’ve been one of my favorite posters. Thank you for your excellent contribution. All the best to you in what ever you may peruse.

  12. Thanks, everyone. It means a lot to me. Nuff respect. I’ll see you around…

  13. All the best! Shall continue to catch you on WNYC, halfway across the world here, thanks to streaming audio. And shall look forwardd to reading your comments on SM.

  14. Awww…you were definitely my favourite Hinjew in this corner of the blogosphere…go in PEACE 🙂