Our Cotton Anniversary

A few days ago I quipped to my fellow bloggers that Sepia Mutiny has now lasted significantly longer than my longest relationship. I like to think it is because I only invest my time in fruitful causes . Therefore, I may as well romance you guys. First some mood music. I was just going to quote some lines from the most appropriate song but Siddhartha found the video for it on YouTube:

I’m actually going to keep this entry short because I am sure one or two of the other bloggers will also write a post about their perspective on our second anniversary (which is tomorrow). On the internet things live and die pretty fast. I wasn’t sure if we’d last this long and we still have a ways to go to get to where some of us want to see the mutiny heading. Especially with elections coming up all of us are trying to make sure we keep a good balance between having fun and serving a purpose with what we write here. We are also trying to keep a good balance between being awake and needing to sleep (and not getting fired from our jobs or flunked out of graduate school).

What I wanted to do is to just say thank you all for this relationship. Because of this blog I have met people that my life would have been poorer without. I say that as both a reader and as a blogger. Maybe some of you can say the same. I hope you guys stick with us for at least another year and maybe its time some of you lurkers de-lurk.

On behalf of the bloggers, the intern, and the monkeys in our basement, Happy Anniversary.

For those of you feeling nostalgic here is the archive from August 2004.

66 thoughts on “Our Cotton Anniversary

  1. A year ago I selected a few Indian-centric blogs for my regular entertainment and information. Sepia Mutiny was the least likely to succeed with me. I found the generation gap a little hard to overcome. Sometimes I just don’t get it, but that doesn’t stop me from peeking in every other day. Keep up the good work, and if someday you guys end up monetizing this highly populated space, it would be well deserved.

  2. How bout a quick history lesson? I wouldn’t mind knowing the who/what/where/and so forth about how this place got started, all I know it has to do with monkeys and bunkers. Peace


  3. congrats guys. i never thought a blog would have bearing on my identity formation as a diasporic brown girl…you do great work. keep it up. :)

  4. What was that high around March-April-ish?

    I think that was me, or rather that awful woman Kaavya who couldn’t even manage to write about me without plagiarizing half a dozen other novels. Some friend she turned out to be! Am I so hard to understand? No one understands me… :-(

    Thankfully, these wonderful people helped to expose that brat! Soon I will be writing my autobiography (I didn’t even go to Harvard, she got that wrong too), and setting the story straight once and for all.

  5. Congrats to the Sepia crew and I too, like HMF (comment#2) am curious as to the history of SM. My complulsive addiction to obessively checking SM everyday started June 05 when I fell really really ill and was diagnosed with pneumonia which effectively incacerated me in my house for 5 weeks. So I surfed the net, listened to music, occasionally ate some soup, slept, coughed and surfed the net some more. My wanderings on the net led me to this fantastic blog and I have been hooked since then.

  6. Congratulations to all the founders. Thousands of people tune in to read your words every day. In my book thats an achievement.

  7. This is fantastic. I can’t imagine life without a little bit of mutiny everyday. Seriously you guys have enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined and like you I’ve met people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the honor of meeting and knowing because of SM. I love you guys! And I hope you stick around forever. (OK I’m just a little bit inebriated) :-)

  8. Happy Anniversary! Thanks and I hope there are lot’s more. Y’all are the reason I can now say things like “No, no, I know for a fact that Parminder Nagra has worn plaid” and shut up the plaid haters :)

  9. Daily lurker from the day I first came across SM. I’ll be sure to mention y’all in the acknowledgements section of the damn dissertation for helping me get through the final months. Something really special for me about SM – the easy conversation between first and second generation folks. Something missing from Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/.. associations in universities or other fora where they might actually meet. Ain’t no accent on a keyboard and suddenly it becomes easy for people to identify with each other.

    Love to the crew, esp. the monkeys.

  10. how did you succeed in managing 70000 hits everyday. YES, content is King..but I would still like to know.. :)

    And so many people comment here..thats the best part..Anyway, I discovered this site only recently but I pop in every day :D

  11. Two years of leftist cabal and evil oppression of assertive Hindu nation. You scum should be ashamed of yourself.

    I am still trying to trace who funds your hate site. I curse the day you were born.

    Death to Sepia Mutiny!!!

    Hail Mogambo!

  12. Wow. I can’t believe it’s only your second anniversary. Feels like it’s been around for ages. ‘Grats & keep up the good work.

  13. I love you SpoorLam and I want to have your babies.

    But not as much as I love EVA ASS FAN. I’ve had to update the acronym of the Sepiites since the last time I abbreviated your first names. Now you sound like someone who is appreciative of a Desperate Housewife’s posterior. Anyway, like Sharanya, we almost share a b-day :)

    Even though I’m not around as much as I used to be (please at least try to disguise your delight) I keep tabs on your tabs. May your mutiny stay on course, may your browness become a force and let’s hope you don’t get outsourced.

  14. Abhi: Congratulations ! Keep up the interesting and occasionally controversial exchanges. Hats off to you , your gang and most important “your readers”. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” folks. Now get back to studies and finish that PhD of yours. Love…. Dad

  15. Happy Anniversary! Much kudos for doing such a great job. You guys have really changed the way I think and feel about a lot of issues.

  16. Congratulations! You managed to keep me interested with pictures of desi hotties and their sexy feet. Mmmmm.

  17. Now we know Yo Dad’s secret, mild-mannered identity :) How are you going to top this for the 3rd anniversary?

  18. Oh, I know! During the 4th anniversary celebration, Fofatlal will be unmasked.

  19. … and credit is due to the visitors who’ve kept the conversations informative and spicy all the way through. i got haldee stains all over my lcd monitor.

  20. how abot that… what other forum could i say ‘haldee’ or ‘haldee stains’ and get a knowing nod.

  21. abhi and the SM crew: thanks for making my life more interesting, enlightening me on topics that i would have never come across, and to a few of you for being dear friends ;) …SM has been fantastic, with the witty banter, differing opinions, and thought provoking ideas… it is another facet to my life realm, and for that i’m extremely grateful… thanks again –the hotlanta bean

  22. Happy Anniversary Mutineers!

    You guys saw what was needed, had a great vision and are doing an awesome job giving it life and growth. And it’s hard work…. most of us know that :)

    Hugs, pats and thanks…

  23. I started lurking here mainly to have a better feel for what the second generation (the ABCDs) think. Apart from that, most mutineers write beautiful English and the choice of topics is better than most magazines. Just maintain the standard, don’t try to exceed it.

  24. You guys saw what was needed, had a great vision and are doing an awesome job giving it life and growth. And it’s hard work…. most of us know that :)

    Yes. hard work indeed. Kudos, but a few snickers as well.

  25. Great job guys!

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return to plotting and contributing to the Fall of the Republican party–the party that never underestimates the stupidity of the American public.

  26. Hearty Congratulations y’all! Its been awesome having found you and I am thankful for the dedication etc that you all show. What with phds, jobs etc etc. Thanks for everything!

  27. Congratulations to SM and the ppl behind it. I am quite new over here and it has made me come back again and again! Keep up the good work.

  28. 2nd birthday, huh? Does this mean SM is entering the Terrible Two’s? ;)

    Congratulations and hugs– and thanks, for creating a really cool oasis in the blogosphere.

  29. Daily reader delurking to offer anniversary congrats to both the founders and the talented writers who keep me hooked…this blog rocks!