Our Cotton Anniversary

A few days ago I quipped to my fellow bloggers that Sepia Mutiny has now lasted significantly longer than my longest relationship. I like to think it is because I only invest my time in fruitful causes . Therefore, I may as well romance you guys. First some mood music. I was just going to quote some lines from the most appropriate song but Siddhartha found the video for it on YouTube:

I’m actually going to keep this entry short because I am sure one or two of the other bloggers will also write a post about their perspective on our second anniversary (which is tomorrow). On the internet things live and die pretty fast. I wasn’t sure if we’d last this long and we still have a ways to go to get to where some of us want to see the mutiny heading. Especially with elections coming up all of us are trying to make sure we keep a good balance between having fun and serving a purpose with what we write here. We are also trying to keep a good balance between being awake and needing to sleep (and not getting fired from our jobs or flunked out of graduate school).

What I wanted to do is to just say thank you all for this relationship. Because of this blog I have met people that my life would have been poorer without. I say that as both a reader and as a blogger. Maybe some of you can say the same. I hope you guys stick with us for at least another year and maybe its time some of you lurkers de-lurk.

On behalf of the bloggers, the intern, and the monkeys in our basement, Happy Anniversary.

For those of you feeling nostalgic here is the archive from August 2004.

66 thoughts on “Our Cotton Anniversary

  1. Congrats! I’ve been here a few months short of a year and even though a lot of the references go clear over my head, I’m glad this blog exists

  2. Happy B’day to SM and the monkeys . Wishing you guys all the luck to continue this wonderful blog .

  3. Congratulations, Mutineers, for a job well done over the last 2 years! You’re all making a significant contribution to the Indian-American community and beyond, and don’t forget that!!

  4. I can’t say enough about how much having this kind of access to desi information has helped me become more found in my identity as a diasporic desi. Happy Birthday SM!

  5. i depend on y’all to keep me abreast of most desi issues. thanks for all the work you put in. we shall be toasting this at all the meetups, im sure.

  6. still haven’t seen much ‘mutiny’ though!
    most people are happily conforming away..

    Such words, on a thread of appreciation..it’s like…a mutiny against tact! Way to not conform. I laud you, I laud you.

    Happy Birthday, big brown blog.

  7. Happy Bday, Abhi & Anna & Vij & all mutineers

    Thank you for bringing out the desi politico everywhere and enlightening concerned sepias, (esp the last little fug), and may you mutinize for many more years to come!


  8. Happy 2nd Anniversary to SM — congratulations on the continuing success of an outstanding discussion forum. Onwards and upwards.

    Also, please tell Ennis to stop spanking the monkey. You can interpret that in any way you want…..

  9. Congratulations guys! You rock. I have been a silent lurker for the most part of these two years, but this is not the last you will see of me :D

  10. Congrats. This has been my addiciton for the past 2 years. I lurk every day. only comment every now and then. but im always reading…

  11. Congratulations to the Sepia team on your anniversary! I admittedly lurk now and then, and always leave with a smile, a new insight, a new story. Good luck on achieving all you want to achieve. Mallika Chopra