8 thoughts on “Shalom

  1. ‘Sholam’ eesh how eh true shon-oph-Bengaaaaal would pronounche Salaam.

    But I say, more Hinjew in-jokes!

    I think the perfect past article to link would be the one about how Middle Class Asians are the new Jews.

  2. Avi, thank you very much for the link. It was very exilarating to know about Indian-Jewish cultural relations!! – especially the last paragraph:

    The Bene Israel who remain in India can be divided into two sub-groups: those who stay because of their overriding attachment to India, and those who will emigrate to Israel and re-unite with their families and the majority of their community. The former group includes Indian nationalists, non-Zionists and those who are too old to envisage emigration. The latter group includes Zionists who see the eventual future of the Indian Jewish community in Israel – in spite of hundreds of years of harmonic co-existence with the non-Jewish population of India.
  3. Anyone listens to Meshuggah, the speed metal band? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Yiddish word used in any other context.

  4. There’s a funny Nathan Englander short story called “The Gilgul of Park Avenue,” where a WASPy New York lawyer wakes up one day and realizes he’s got a Jewish soul. (Apparently this is a real possibility in Judaism, Jewish souls lost in non-Jew bodies.)

    I’m picturing that happening to this uncle here.