Maple leaf meetup

Upcoming Sepia meetups:

Toronto, Sunday, Oct. 2, 6 pm. I’ll be in Toronto this weekend — let’s do a meetup at Bombay Bhel (1411 Gerrard St. E.) I’d also appreciate hearing about desi arts events, great food and creative ‘hoods to check out. You can comment or email me here. Toronto represent!

Brooklyn, Sunday, Oct. 16, 12:30 pm. Mutineer / architect Arzan has generously offered to introduce y’all to the pleasures of Parsi food. Please RSVP via email [disabled] (mandatory, since only ~20 people fit in his living room):

A crowd of 10-12 people would be ideal… Sunday afternoon is traditionally the time when every Parsi household in the world has dhansak. It’s a dal and rice dish. Brown rice with a masala daal which has a lot of different ingredients. It’s accompanied by mutton kebabs and chilled beer. In fact this is one of the few Parsi traditions followed religiously anywhere and everywhere in the world…

Dhansak can be both veg and non-veg. I generally always make both…..I put the meat in last, thus I can have a veg dal and a non veg daal. Same with the kebabs…..will have the veg variety.

Thanks, Arzan!

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  1. arzan, i wished i lived nearby and could visit.. could you send some veggie dhansak to this chick pea in ATL? :) , have a great time….had some made my a friend a few years ago, good stuff!

  2. Swing by Rasoee if you have a chance.

    If you’ve never been to TO, check out Kensigton Market, Queen Street (esp the Queen/John area) Cabbagetown is great, as is Young Street.

    “The ROM” (Royal Ontario Museum) has an exhibit (running until Oct 30) you might be interested in called “Ornamenting the Ordinary“. Its an exhibit of everyday objects from South Asia treated as pieces of art.

    And check out SAVAC (The South Asian Visual Arts Collective)…currently there’s a photo exhibit by Vivan Sundaram (pretty interesting, his work is described in the SAVAC link, but there’s also this)

    Alas, you JUST missed FILMI, which I heard was awesome.

    Anyway Manish, enjoy our lovely city.

  3. If you’ve never been to TO, check out Kensigton Market, Queen Street (esp the Queen/John area) Cabbagetown is great, as is Young Street.

    I’d like to excuse “Young Street” as a typo.

    But I can’t.


  4. ahhh… i dont think i can come home from school this weekend, i hope you enjoy the city though

    bring a jacket, unfortunately the weather has realized southern ontario isn’t texas and it’s become very cold all of a sudden

  5. I stopped making Akoori (sp?) and pav brunch for my special house guests cuz they would never leave! Another week of Jury Duty for yours truly. Don’t know how much longer I can go without a Sania Mirza fix. Sepia, you cruel taskmaster. I hate you!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. (Ms. Ane gets a gold star for desi arts events :) )

    Anybody tried at Cuisine of India on Yonge St., Debu Sahas Biryani House (opposite Wellesley subway station) or Trimurti (Queen & Duncan)?

    Looking forward to the meetup, and bhel puri. Mmm, bhel puri.

  7. Cuisine of India was pretty good back in the day when I was linving in Toronto… not the best atmosphere but great food.

    If you;re willing to venture out into the suburbs try Kaarma & Nirvana both in Mississauga.

  8. I’ve only been to Debu Saha’s Biryani House once but I thought that while the food was pretty good, it was overpriced and the food and service were incredibly slow despite the restaurant being near empty.

    I’m a big fan of the malai kofta at the “original” Biryani House (on Roy’s Square at Bloor and Yonge) though.

  9. PS. If I were in Mississauga, I think I’d go to Saravana Bhavan. I’ve never been to that branch but one of the other ones remains my top Indian joint in the world.

  10. I think I went to Kama on Yonge St??? It was gooood, with lots of veggie dishes, on the day that I went.

  11. hi this is jeet from india a physically handicap wana to organise world disabled expo wid disabled meet up in india..but how….Plz help me/advice me now….. i wana to contact disabled frnd.. plz b in touch …….tc… email me now