Extreme humor

Some time ago, a group of Net trolls by the kitschy but startlingly offensive name of Gay N* Association of America put together a remix called ‘Punjabi Extreme.’ It’s a set of crank calls to an AOL call center in India, set to a funk beat. Listen to a clip here (warning: NSFW + sound).

The humor is in hearing the group’s name repeated by an unsuspecting customer service rep with a desi accent. It’s the inverse of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding joke, teaching your mark a Greek phrase which actually means, ‘I have three testicles.’

The group takes its name from a low-budget Danish porn parody called Gayn* from Outer Space. I can’t decide if the group’s name is purposely over the top, like the pointlessly graphic ’Aristocrats’ joke, or if it’s just autistic racism — whether it achieves the requisite level of wink.

There’s a similar urban legend about a credit card scammer who issued fraudulent charges using an unmentionable, NAMBLA-like business name. The theory was that victims would be too embarrassed by the name to dispute the charges with their banks.

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7 thoughts on “Extreme humor

  1. The GNAA guys are absolutely funny and they have taken trolling on Slashdot to new levels. Yes, they are a nuisance, but they are extremely funny while being a nuisance. The first time I ended up on their page I wasn’t sure if they were serious or racist, but after reading their ‘press releases‘, I decided in between howls of laughter that they were neither – just terribly funny!

    Some knowledge of the Slashdot culture might be required to appreciate the humor in their press releases, so don’t blame me if you find them dry!

  2. The GNAA guys are absolutely funny…

    Eh… I love /. humor as much as the next geek, but they lost me here:

    … the homosexual caucasians of the Mac community would feel threatened by the GNAA’s massive n* c*ks…

    That’s where they go socially autistic. And I’m running a 64-bit homebrew Athlon ;)

  3. Slashdot is a funny place. Go there at your own risk. My favourite is when they inject memes into every topic they discuss (“IN Soviet Russia blah blah is YOU!”) e.t.c. I hope the GNAA doesn’t invade Sepia….otherwise everytime you post an article some damn fool would try and get first post and the post would be “First Post!”

  4. otherwise everytime you post an article some damn fool would try and get first post and the post would be “First Post!”

    hmm… how about an automated system to do just that… let’s not give out evil ideas :-)