The Flying Sikh

Air India has started international flights to Amritsar from Toronto and Birmingham on a new Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham-Toronto route. Given that 50% of the passengers flying through Delhi’s airport are Punjabis, this should be an improvement in service for those passengers and help boost tourism as well.

The flights will be operated with state-of-the-art, fly-by-wire Boeing 777-222 ER aircraft on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. [webindia]

Sunday’s inaugural flight was flagged off by the federal civil aviation minister, Praful Patel, and Punjab’s chief minister, Capt Amarinder Singh. To handle the increased air traffic, the airport at Amritsar is being given a $15m makeover which includes a new terminal building and modern landing aids. [BBC]

This is just the first step. These flights will be upgraded to daily in the upcoming months and additional flights from Amritsar to the Gulf and other western countries are planned.

Air India isn’t the only airline increasing its flights through Rajasansi Airport; everybody wants a piece of the NRI action. In 8 years, the number of flights has increased from 3 to 56 per week:

Singapore Airline, which landed here four months ago, has been going full–three days a week. And with a new terminal likely to open in October, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Phuket Airlines, Tajikistan Airlines, Uzbek Airways and Air-India are also lining up a landing here, say officials.

Even cargo flights, such as those of Ariana to Kabul, are planning to double their flights from three to six in a week, while First Flight, a courier service, has evinced interest in starting operations, say officials. [Indian Express]

Interestingly, this new Air India route is a cousin of an older cold-war era Mumbai-Delhi-Amritsar-Moscow-Birmingham route from two decades ago:

If you want tickets on the new route, you might want to move fast. The first ten flights have already sold out and subsequent flights are already heavily booked.

9 thoughts on “The Flying Sikh

  1. There are large Punjabi and Gujarati communities in the UK. The Punjabis generally fly from Delhi and the the Gujaratis from Mumbai. About time there was a direct flight to Birmingham from the Punjab given that ol’ Brum is “sardar-heavy”. PIA have had flights from Islamabad to Manchester for ages to cater for the Pakistani communities in the northwest.

    Next step is for Air India to start flights from Ahmedabad to East Midlands airport to satisfy the “Patelbhais” in Leicester. Incidentally, Brit-Sepia Readers.. BMI will soon be flying to Mumbai. How wonderful are these open skies?

  2. I reckon they could sell out two flights a day to Amritsar from Birmingham.

  3. Easily. Flights from LHR to Delhi are always unforgivably overbooked.

  4. What’s with this universal Indian obsession with ‘going home’? For God’s sake, we kill ourselves to move to the UK, only to spend wads of money to go ‘home’. Home for me is the UK. India is a place I’d visit once in my life. Nice place to visit, but not to live. All this talk of planeloads of Indians going from the UK underscores the weird two mindedness we have. We, on one hand look forward (migrate for a better life), but on the other hand keep looking backward to a homeland that really didn’t give us what we needed in the first place. Yes, people have the right to spend their money as they please. By all means ‘go home’.

  5. A big reason I hate to travel to India (Punjab) is the “torturing road travel” from New Delhi to Punjab. After flying for long hours from Chicago to New Delhi, with a “DVT” already in my legs, the subsequent long hours of road travel on Indian roads and numerous stoppings by ‘eager to rip-off quick cash’ Indian policemen and DTO’s is simply “plain torture”! A direct flight to Amritsar from Toronto, Chicago, New York will definitely make mine as well as milliions of other Punjabis’ life easier, …..and then I could travel there lot more frequently as I want to!

  6. Why isnt there a direct flight to Punjab. Its strange since there apparently is a lot of Punjabi people travelling to Toronto and other cities. Also Punjab is a rich state. People should push for better air service there.

  7. hey guyz. id just like to tell u about air india. the crew are great, the food is excellent, but the one thing that i think is not good is that they dont care much about the aircraft(engines, fuselage, frame, etc..) they just care bout making $$$ not the lives of the passengers.

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