Joe Biden imitates Indian accent during NH speech

Vice President Joe Biden (who I like to think of as America’s wacky, slightly off-color Uncle Joe) briefly imitated an Indian accent while giving a speech in New Hampshire on Thursday.

As longtime readers know, this isn’t the first time Biden’s gotten into hot water with the desi community. Back in 2006, the then-Senator noted that “You cannot go into a Dunkin Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

Watch the video of yesterday’s speech below. The imitation begins at 00:09 and ends rather abruptly. As one Buzzfeed commenter noted, “It’s like halfway through the impression he thought, “Oh sh–, better not follow through with this one.”

19 thoughts on “Joe Biden imitates Indian accent during NH speech

  1. Wondering where the outrage is. Even your link is from Buzzfee. Who the hell reads buzzfeed.

    The macaca comment was plastered over every news out let from here to Goa.

    he indeed is a joke. As is this administration.

  2. Not a big fan of Biden, but this is weak. The comments from 2008 were more foot-in-mouth than malicious. This is not a big f***** deal.

  3. I think it is more insulting that the author of this post assumes that is an Indian accent. Many countries do call center work, including the Philippines, Thailand, and more. That “accent” sounds more Eastern European than Indian.

  4. Who would replace him on the ticket? Having him on is a good way to protect Obama from assassination.

  5. Let’s not be too hard on him. He’s suffered some brain damage after his aneurysms and he’s was never that smart to begin with.

  6. So embarrassing to claim him as a democrat. It’s only appropriate that I thought, “what a donkey!” while reading this given his quickie mart and gas station comments from a few years ago. lame. Kiran

    • Democrats promote women quotas which, since Indians are not a minority, is anti-Indian male. God knows how many Indian men have lost jobs/higher-ed to make room for Indian women. Don’t confuse us as being part of the same group, because we have Indian parents.

      • I am not sure where I assumed you were in the same “group” as me. I was speaking as a Democrat myself, that I was embarrassed by the association. I am also not quite sure how you used my comment as a podium to espouse your beliefs that the Democrats are an Indian Man hating party.

        I say potato, you say chicken fried rice, my friend. Not sure how you got from point A to B, but enjoy your chicken fried rice.


        • Part of this website is raking up things said against Indians, Hindus, Muslims etc. Some commentators seize on these articles to imply Democrats/Liberals etc. aka the Left stand for the “rights” of said groups [“embarrassing to claim him as a democrat”]. You cannot do that when males of those groups are adversely affected by the policies they espouse.

          I suppose you can make a case for historical male privilege in America and the need for affirmative action for women, but have male children of Indian immigrants benefited as much as white males? Have female children of Indian immigrants, compared to White/Native American/Black women, been just as adversely affected? If men/women mix with other races then the interests of Indian women and Indian men are distinct in proportion to the level of mixing among Indian women and Indian men.

          I wasn’t trying to turn this into a gender debate. Just saying you – as an Indian woman -can’t hijack every issue that affects, somewhat equally, Indian men and Indian women like this article here, to gain sympathy for your own political interests that benefit you at our cost.

  7. I doubt he was trying to imitate but even if he was, that was a pretty pathetic impression of the Indian accent.

    • Errr…that would be after he whines about “call centers, rushed overseas, hundreds of thousands!”I mean, its one thing to argue that Newt’s “food stamps” wasn’t racist. Its quite another thing to argue that he didn’t say it.

      And last I checked, Segregationists weren’t exactly opposed to the New Deal or even the War on Poverty. Joey’s boogie man in contrast actually aligns with the Dixiecrat zeitgeist.