Is Chippy Nonstop Swag?

I’m slipping in a #MusicMonday in right at the last minute – because Tasneem hit me up on gchat with a (crude) gem of an Oakland artistChippy Nonstop. She’s named Chippy cuz she likes to eat chips, no kidding. And she’s Desi. She’s like a Desi-fied version of Kreayshawn meets Peaches.

I kind of the dug the sound above. Then I started finding her other videos. And then, well… I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here’s her latest with Andy Milonakis. And since it’s with Milonakis, you better know it’s NSFW.

And then there’s this video. With the Desi languag-ed hook and the (overused) multi-handed dance move.

Her interview does make her seem pretty normal and girl next doorish – which paired with her crude lyrics and “” tattoo makes me fascinated. Who is this girl? Wonder if I could get her to come come by my next Oakland Art Jam. What do y’all think about her sound? Does she toe the line or cross it too far?


6 thoughts on “Is Chippy Nonstop Swag?

  1. Music-wise I love where she’s going. It’s really dope, plus she’s a Bay Area girl! That said, the interview was…. like interesting but like I wish she was a little more,like articulate.

  2. She reminds me a little of Peaches. The song reminds me of Amanda Blank’s Superfreek even if they do not sound the same. I liked the Spaghetti video more than the other one where she sings some indian shit.

    Yeah,in her interview, it was funny that she said she worked as a journalist and then sounded like a teen from an 80s valley girl comedy.

  3. Regarding the first song, “Party with your <> out” – the song doesn’t exceed its unique title. If the title were “Party like it’s 1776”, the song would be invisible to the ears and inaudible to the eyes.

    Moreover, in absolute terms, this girl is NO Nikki Minaj, Gaga, M.I.A., or even Ke$ha.

  4. Definitely Amanda Blank (or Khia!) over Krayolashawn; maybe with a dash of RyeRye and Leslie Hall. I particularly love her aggressively Adidas-ed ensemble. None of her 3 stripes are missing.

  5. I’m no prude but that party with … video made me cringe. But, oh well…. I’m sure there’s a market segment that digs it, and she’s zeroing in on it.