From deli streets to Delhi streets

Aakash Nihalani’s solo exhibition in India opened on September 24 and runs through October 22 at Seven Art Ltd. in New Delhi. Aalign presents new works in metal and wood sculpture, embroidered patterns on silk, interactive work shown on a tablet, and the installations of colorful, geometric tape work on the street for which he became known in New York. Nihalani shared a few thoughts after I asked him about his experiences in New Delhi and the differences and/or similarities between making street art in New York and New Delhi.

“It’s definitely been an interesting experience in Delhi….you do work in public spaces in New York and people are pretty used to seeing it, or at least the idea of street art. But here it’s a strange thing for someone to encounter a guy putting tape on a brick wall, or in a fruit stand. I feel like the ‘art’ you find on the streets in India is either functional, on signs and such, or religious, so it’s cool to be putting up work with a more abstract intention for people to experience.


It seems like Indians, including the authorities, don’t jump to the assumption that anything done on the street is vandalism, as they do back home in NY, but they are definitely still cautious of it….


And while the walls in india are tough to work on with tape, because they’re so dusty and often moist, the colors and the texture, and the deterioration of the walls make an amazing back drop for my clean bright lines.”

Images from Aakash Nihalani

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