Blue Scholars’ Bollywood Icon

Ha, ji! Ms. Rani Mukerji is a now a “rap music icon”!

Today’s #MusicMonday comes from Blue Scholars, the hip hop/spoken word crew out of Seattle. The song comes from their just released album Cinemetropolis, available for download on bandcamp. Each song on the album is named after a person, such as Yuri Kochiyama, Oscar Grant, and Anna Karina.

The duo — DJ Sabzi and MC Geologic — say the song ‘Rani Mukerji’ is a big hit at their live concerts. “Rani appears to be a powerful, intelligent woman and a cultural leader. She does a good job balancing her projected image with dignity and without allowing herself to be objectified,” says DJ Sabzi, adding his favourite Rani film is the 2002 hit Saathiya. [hindustantimes]

Hands down, Rani Mukerji is my favorite song on the album. As a Bangla speaker, I must say, it gives me a little thrill to hear feisty Bengali words in the catchy chorus. I expect I’ll be singing these words all week long.

8 thoughts on “Blue Scholars’ Bollywood Icon

  1. I love BS’s new album and in particular this track, so excited to see it featured here! So what do the Bengali words in the chorus mean?

    • Tumi amake jano na = You don’t know me

      Chere dao = Let me go

      Takio na = Don’t look at me

      Bolo na = Dont say anything

      Sheeshe jaante parbe na = In the end, you will never know me


  2. I thought the last line was cheshta koreleo jaante paarbe na = even if you try you won’t know (me) . Am I just hearing things?

  3. I thought the last line sounds like ‘Shesh Korleo jaante parbe naa= ‘Even if you finish you won’t know me’ which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but that’s I keep hearing. Also this use of ‘jaano naa’ sounds grammatically incorrect to me. Shouldn’t it be ‘Tumi aamake CHINO naa’?

    • I thought “Chino” was to recognize and “jaano” was to know/understand…. ? (But I wouldn’t know – my Bangla is basic conversational).

      The last line to me is a bit blurry.

  4. ‘Chino’ does mean to recognize but it also means to know in the context of knowing people versus a fact or subject. I guess it is rather ambiguous and either ‘jaano’ or ‘chino’ could be used but the latter sounds more natural to me..

  5. This group is wonderful! Good things come from Seattle :) ! Yuri Kochiyama is also a great song! The lyrics and beats in almost of all of their songs is witty and catchy. Definitely check’em out if they come to city near you!