Nikki Haley writing a book

Coming soon: Nikki Haley’s memoir:

Just shy of her 40th birthday, Nikki Haley will have a memoir under her belt.

The South Carolina governor’s book, “Can’t is Not an Option”, is expected to hit shelves in January 2012 and will be published by Sentinel, a conservative imprint within Penguin Group.

Elected last fall, Haley, 39, is the nation’s youngest governor.

Haley told The Associated Press in March that in her memoir “she would cover everything from growing up in rural South Carolina to her contentious 2010 campaign, when she faced — and denied — allegations of infidelity.”

Out of curiosity, does anyone read books like this? That is, books written by sitting (or aspirant) politicians obviously meant to burnish their images.

10 thoughts on “Nikki Haley writing a book

  1. That’s an interesting question–who reads/buys these books?! I’m a neophyte to US politics but I know people who bought the Clinton autobiography but have never read it–so–my guess is that partisan supports buy them as coffee-table type books.

  2. Generally put, those who aspire for the presidency usually put out their memoirs or biography to get their name out across the country. Does it really work as a good publicity tool? I doubt it. The only people interested enough to pick up a politician’s life story would be people that are fans of that politician anyway.

    The one thing I can tell you is that the title reeks of ambition. She’s probably lining herself up for the 2016 election.

  3. Can’t Is Not an Option, Cant is

    That would be a better title for Nikky’s deathless prose.

    I wish we brownz had an Al Sharpton of our own, who could put down Haley and Jindal like Sharpton dismissed the notorious Herman Cain (who’s done it all, mini-Enron swindle, labor exploitation,..)

    Haley is the typical chamber of commerce crony, financial industry flack, and and a hardened anti-middle class politician. Jindal is an anti-science kook and welfare wrecker under whose stewardship Louisiana can no longer say, “We aren’t at the bottom, yet, thank god for Mississippi.”

    At a time when the US Supreme Court has all but become an echo chamber of corporatist interests (producing egregious judgments like Citizens United, the Dredd Scott of our times) legislation is written by shadowy organizations like ALEC (which took over SC and LA years ago) and with laws being written to satisfy the lust of specific industry groups (Arizona’s “Papers Please” law was written to fulfill the interests of America’s private prison industry) one would have thought that two brownz,children of families who came here in the ’60s searching for opportunity, would champion the cause of freedom and progress. Instead we have produced a due that is ruthlessly compromised, in the thrall of the worst corporate crooks, absolutely lacking in humane character whatsoever. What a fall!

    All the more reason why I plan to never have anything to do with any “South Asian” political advocacy group. If Jindal and Haley are all that we brownz can come up with, I would rather not ever have another brown in office.

    How can these two get a good night’s sleep? Don’t they have a conscience?

  4. haley’s trajectory looks quite high. south carolina is a conservative state, and she seems to be focussing on fiscal conservatism. hopefully, she will succeed in lifting the state’s economy, and launch a national career. at 39, the sky’s the limit.

  5. Unless a politcians gets a nice cash deal, why not just put the book on the net for all to read for free? Tie it in with your campaign site so your site can get some exposure.

    Then again, maybe putting it in an easily searchable format will leave you exposed to be called on any bullshit you put in there.

  6. …hopefully, she will succeed in lifting the state’s economy

    That’s never been the goal of the GOPers for a very long time. Long ago the GOPers found that if you scare people enough, drive down their wages to poverty levels but give them easy credit, the wealthy can continue looting the economy with no check on them. Nikky serves exactly this interest. South Carolina is doomed to be a bonded labor or oppressed labor economy as long as the chamber of commerce runs the state. Foreign manufacturers now choose to come to the US to certain states like Texas and SC because labor laws are almost non-existent. The US is rapidly becoming a glossier version of the East Asian bonded labor sweat shop, tragically at a time when labor standards are becoming stricter, especially in China and to a lesser extent in India and Vietnam. Offenders include every name you can think of

    Ikea’s U.S. factory churns out unhappy workers A union-organizing battle hangs over the Ikea plant in Virginia. Workers complain of eliminated raises, a frenzied pace, mandatory overtime and racial discrimination.

    More from hte article, Laborers in Swedwood plants in Sweden produce bookcases and tables similar to those manufactured in Danville. The big difference is that the Europeans enjoy a minimum wage of about $19 an hour and a government-mandated five weeks of paid vacation. Full-time employees in Danville start at $8 an hour with 12 vacation days — eight of them on dates determined by the company.

    What’s more, as many as one-third of the workers at the Danville plant have been drawn from local temporary-staffing agencies. These workers receive even lower wages and no benefits, employees said.

    Swedwood’s Steen said the company is reducing the number of temps, but she acknowledged the pay gap between factories in Europe and the U.S. “That is related to the standard of living and general conditions in the different countries,” Steen said. Bill Street, who has tried to organize the Danville workers for the machinists union, said Ikea was taking advantage of the weaker protections afforded to U.S. workers. “It’s ironic that Ikea looks on the U.S. and Danville the way that most people in the U.S. look at Mexico,” Street said.

    This is the sort of job creation that cronies and flacks like Haley and Jindal dream of – vast armies of serfs who can hired and fired at will.

    While some wonder how long this can go on before we become like those infamous banana republics, with private security guarded homes, misery on the streets, and organized looting of state resources, I have a thought – we already are there. Since we incarcerate a larger proportion of our population than any other nation and imprison more people than any other, and for the most part for petty victimless crimes, we are not very different at all.

    As I said Can’t isn’t an option, Cant is and so is sanctimony and hypocrisy

  7. I don’t think I ever voted for a Republican. But to say Republicans are not interested in improving the economy is ridiculous. Their problem is they seem wedded to certain concepts so blindly they really think that is what it takes to improve the economy. It is no different from Democrats who reflexively follow certain policies even if the results do not warrant that. The Wall Street bailouts and overspending on defense was a bipartisan problem. There are democrats who are guilty of spending on pork progrms.

  8. to say Republicans are not interested in improving the economy…is the unavoidable conclusion. The GOPers are only interested in creating a oligarchy. But just because a bulk of the Democratic legislators are also tools of corporate interests (such as Jon Tester, Mark Warner, Schumer etc) doesn’t mean both the parties should share the blame. While in the Democratic side of the aisle one can find fair numbers of traditionalist fiscal conservatives, you will never find a single GOPer ever favoring public investment. As for welfare programs don’t drink the GOPer Kool Aid. “Medicare is Doomed” is the longest running scare story on the Beltway, it’s been running around for >30 years. The reason Social Security is stagnant is because the contribution becomes flat beyond around $90k. If it were instead levied proportionately on income there would be enough money to go around The 2008 crash was the 3rd (or 4th?) bank crash in 40 years; committed every time by the banksters and bailed out with taxpayers money. You will never hear a peep about this from the Tea Party or the GOPers. As things are today, the GOP is a malevelent influence on America.