Outsourcing the Shaadi

It’s time for wedding of the year! No, not that other wedding across the ocean. I’m talking about the wedding where moustachioed Rajiv finally gets wedded to Vimi on the show Outsourced! It’s been a tumultuous first season run for Outsourced, and this Thursday night on NBC the season finale comes to a glorious Bollywood climactic finish. Will the finish be final or will Outsourced be picked up for another season? The cast and crew has been advocating in the community to make sure the show comes back for another season.

I sat down virtually with the bride-to-be, the gorgeous shaadi-rific Noureen DeWulf about her time on set, a real life shaadi, and her perspective on facial hair. Here’s what she had to say.

Shaadi Mubarak, Noureen! This Thursday night you get married, in an all out big Indian wedding on the set of Outsourced for their season finale. Oh so very Bollywood. You came on later as a guest star later in the season, as Rajiv’s fiancée Vimi. What has it been like to be on the set of Outsourced for past few episodes?

Working on the show was a truly great experience. The actors for the most part are a humble and talented group and it is really fun to work with other Indian actors. The producers are pretty incredible people also, having come from and worked on other great shows, so it is a very fun and talented set to be on. I came on in their last few episodes of the season so you could really feel how tight knit they all were and how much they enjoyed their jobs, which is really nice to be a part of.

Outsourced is probably one of the first television series with a largely South Asian cast. I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the concept of the show after watching the pilot episode. But the shows that I’ve seen recently are really funny, having moved away from the Tyler-Perry-desified-type jokes, and the characters have far more depth and complexity to them. Do you feel the show has matured? Why do you think it’s important to have a show with a South Asian ensemble cast on American television?>I have always been supportive of the show, more importantly I support ethnic actors, writers and storylines on network television for all the obvious reasons. Ethnic diversity is true to life and so it should have a place on television. All shows mature over the course of a season. Especially the first season. The writers start to get to know the actors better, and so they write jokes for each actor’s particular comedic sensibilities thereby the jokes often seem better played. Chemistry and writing take time to build, this is true for any television show.

BS_0220_final.jpg You yourself recently got engaged to the delectable Buffalo Sabre hockey player Ryan Miller. Congratulations! Did you see this Outsourced shaadi as rehearsal run? Did you get any wedding ideas? Elephants? Saris? Beach side shaadi?

Yes, I would like to have an elephant at my wedding also, but not for the groom to ride on, just to pet and feed.

I would imagine that the set of Outsourced has novelty toys scattered throughout. Was there one item that you wish you could have taken and kept for your own?

I could see the hard hat with the beer holders making me popular at house parties.

I met you when you were filming The Taqwacores where you played the burqua clad riot grrl Rabeya. I thought you were great in it and played the role just as I had imagined it while reading the book. What was that experience like and why did you choose to do that role?

Thank you. The book, the director, the vision, and the character were just a few of the reasons why I chose to do that movie. It was an incredible experience, everyone was very passionate.

*You recently have played RJ Berger’s purity cloaked high school sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey’s turtlenecked assistant, a burqua clad riot grrl, and now the quintessential Indian bride. Quite the eclectic mix. What’s next for Noureen DeWulf?

Breakaway a film I recently worked in comes out in September of this year, I’m back on TNT’s Hawthorne as Nurse Judy, and I am anxiously awaiting word on the pilot I shot with Minnie Driver called Hail Mary.

How attractive is Rajiv’s moustache up close and personal?

I actually like moustaches. So I thought it was pretty attractive.


To catch part 2 of the season finale of Outsourced, keep tuned in to NBC and check your local listing. To catch up and watch part 1 of the shaadi here. And of course, to keep tabs on Noureen, follow her @noureendewulf.

First photo by: Beck Star; Second photo by: Noureen DeWulf’s iPhone

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  1. “Yes, the word is that not only did he date Coulter, but somehow he was able to date Ingraham. Funny, considering Coulter always derides liberals as not being manly enough, yet she dates a dork who speaks like a muppet. Can you visualize the two having sex?”

    She dated Bill Maher too…maybe she has a thing for liberal men? ;)

  2. “Lol. Spoken like a man who has never been made to sit through an episode of Sex & the City. “

    I did’nt say that many women are not shallow, it is just that the proportion is far less then men IMO.

  3. What impressed me about the Outsourced finale was the production values were pretty decent for a show that had a chance to be canceled. As far as the horse and fire stuff, that is primarily a north indian type deal. Then again, with South Indian families increasingly copying Bollywood , who knows, they may start having a horse and fire for South Indian stuff too. I was in Hyderabad for a recent visit and my cousin’s wedding had so many pre wedding parties, including what I assume was borrowed from Bollywood movies – Sangeeth. A few of the guests actually took lessons from a choreographer for staged dance routines. And not your family friendly classical dance routines. Some bollywood style moves . I heard of a few other weddings around the same time where they brought in dancers from other countries. I guess wedding business is a good business to have in India to take advantage of rich folk who can’t wait to show off their money.

  4. Outsourced has been cancelled. It’s not coming back. Good riddance. I watched several episodes. Some were bearable, but most were atrocious.

    Next to get ax hopefully will be that show about public parks. Aziz Ansari’s character is one shade above that of Jonathan from 30 Rock. Psst, they’re laughing AT you, not with you.

  5. Haha I was really just looking for an excuse to post that picture.

    Anyway some of the cast members are talented and hopefully will go on to better roles, like the adorkable Parvesh Cheena and Anisha Nagarajan.

  6. No Dewulf is NOT a staged name to protect her family! lol..she was married to James Dewulf of Dewulf Concrete and recently got divorced but kept his name. Her original last name is Ahmed! This I know for a fact.

  7. She likes the white guys

    Nothing new in that…most pretty Indian girls I know are grossed out by Indian men.

  8. “Outsourced” was funny & I never felt it was funny because I was laughing at any culture. I just thought it was funny because the characters were funny characters who could have been funny in any culture. The one thing I always wondered about was all the extras in some scenes. Most sitcoms rarely have a large group of extras in any scene. Not long before “Outsourced” debuted, I saw “Bollywood Hero” starring Chris Kattan. I thought that was a pretty good take on the old “fish-out-of-water” scenario.