Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor Back with More Subtle Sexuality

If you’re a Mindy Kaling fan, you’ll enjoy the new music video produced by her character from The Office, Kelly Kapoor. Fans of the show will recall that Kelly and her coworker teamed up to form girl group, Subtle Sexuality, about two years ago and released their catchy “hit” single, “Male Prima Donna.” Well, the dynamic duo is back. I don’t find this particular song, “The Girl Next Door” as singable as the last one. It’s a bit slower and ballad-y. (Perhaps Kelly has a particular fixation on Taylor Swift this season, who knows. Certainly elements of “You Belong With Me” in the piece.) You can catch the “story” behind the song, here. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor Back with More Subtle Sexuality

  1. i like their characters on the office, but damn, that video was torture to sit through. They probably need to get help from Andy Samberg in making quirky funny music videos.

  2. compared to the last one, this one was totally lamesauce, in terms of lyrics/melody/video :( Oh and btw, I watched the video before I read your post, and I immediately thought “bad Taylor Swift song” too. Although at least it didn’t end with Mindy in a sparkly dress and BJ Novak riding of on a white horse like Swift would’ve done.

  3. I found Mindy Kaling to be a breath of fresh air a few years ago. But now, she seems too one note in her on screen persona.