Royal Shaadi

Seems that you can’t go anywhere without hearing about the royal nuptials of Prince William and Cate Middleton. The wedding is only two weeks away on Friday April 29th. The date can’t come soon enough. And, accordingly, let the onslaught of tribute viral videos commence. (h/t Sugi)

Bollywood dancing for the royal wedding? Can it be? Well, it’s not so far from the truth – it seems that choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and his wife have been invited to do the last dance at the reception, a “Bollywood Waltz.” I haven’t seen to many waltzes in my lifetime, but I’m truly curious as to how they are going to Bollywood-ify it.

Are there any other Desi angles to this wedding? Have diamonds for the wedding ring come from mines in Sri Lanka? Is Bobby Friction DJ-ing at the wedding after party? Will you be playing a drinking game of “Spot the Desi” during the late night live feed of the wedding next Friday? Do you really care about this wedding? Or are you more interested in Rajiv’s beach wedding extravaganza to Vimi aka hottie Noureen DeWulf in the season finale of Outsourced on May 12? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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9 thoughts on “Royal Shaadi

  1. ooh, ooh OOH! here is a desi angle! its a marriage in the royal family that looted, raped and pillaged the indian subcontinent of its wealth for a couple of centuries!!! i am sure there will be many stolen jewels on display at the wedding in this crooked family of thieves.

  2. to be fair, the only reason prince albert took the koh-i-noor was so that the Doctor could use it to prevent a cult of werewolf-worshipping scottish monks from taking over the world. [end nerdy sci-fi reference]

  3. I clicked on that article only b/c I wanted to see how it was so much worse than anything else, and yes it is. That’s not Indian-English, that’s definitely machine English. I’m sure it’s scraped content that’s been ‘translated’. A new strategy and not a worthwhile one. BUT it was worth finding out (something I probably would not have found out otherwise) that William’s groom cake is a chocolate biscuit cake. That is worth finding out not b/c I are what William likes, but b/c a chocolate biscuit cake sounds DELICIOUS. I’m going to have make one sometime.