Bacon + Indian Food = Epic Meal Time

I want all of this. Bacon. *drools

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“In this day and age, I feel like there’s a big emphasis on organic foods or a lot of negative media in regards to obesity and stuff like that,” Morenstein said. “We are there eating this, and [viewers] are eating vicariously through us.”

In each weekly episode, they set out to prepare and eat what they call epic food; the “world’s greatest sandwich,” for instance, made from nine bacon slices, three hot dogs, chips, cheese, gravy, a dozen eggs and maple syrup, all on a large french baguette.

These guys are my brothers in artery-clogging goodness. I will eat vicariously with you. No organic bacon, please. I want the real stuff.

29 thoughts on “Bacon + Indian Food = Epic Meal Time

  1. “A triple layer naan bread bacon sandwich?” I think I just lost my appetite for the day, maybe the week – watching that get put together.

  2. Since this is a bacon related conversation I feel I should alert everyone to the existence of Jamon Iberico. I literally gave up on abstaining from pork because of this. It is better than any other bacon you will ever find. Ever. By a mile.

  3. This is not related to the original post, but I so hate the picture at the top of this page! At least make them the same shade of brown… I know, maybe I’m being a tad oversensitive, but I just have to point out things like this all the time. :)

  4. At least make them the same shade of brown…

    Why? Humans come in different shades of brown…?

    Anyway know it sounds crazy but I’ve never eaten bacon before! well I was raised muslim so we didn’t eat it at home, and even though I stopped being religious at a young age, i’ve still never tried bacon/ham/pork/sausage before…I guess I’m really missing out haha. Btw I love all these food posts, keep ‘em coming :)

    • Sometimes in restaurants bacon gets snuck into things you wouldn’t imagine. Especially soups, stews, and salads or mashed potatoes.

    • Try turkey bacon…yeah it’s not the real deal, but it’s as close as it gets…smells just as bad too. I will only eat pork if there’s nothing else to eat, and that too with a lump in my throat. And speaking of artery clogging food…i have yet to try the deep fried mars bar. Epic dessert for an epic meal.

  5. @Rahul – got your article btw – will read it later this weekend when I have more down time, thanks!

  6. I was raised muslim so we didn’t eat it at home, and even though I stopped being religious at a young age, i’ve still never tried bacon/ham/pork/sausage before…

    a lot of food taboos get fixed in your youth, before puberty. i would tell you though that bacon is very different to taste than ham, and ham is different from sausage, etc. preparation matters a lot. i love bacon, and sausage is cool. i’m coming to appreciate pork. but i still have some reflexive aversion to ham. i’ve had it, and i don’t like it much, but perhaps it is the old taboo bubbling up? though i don’t like bologna much either. turkey man myself.

    and yes, KEEP THE FOOD COMING!

    • Most ham is seriously pretty bland. They more or less boil it or soak it in sugar syrup/salt and the pigs themselves are raised on slop. This is true of most commercial meats but seems to have the biggest impact on pigs. High quality ham is still good though. I don’t see how you can like turkey. The commercial stuff has absolutely no flavor of its own.

  7. Bacon is a sign of being right wing. Its the opposite of Granola. Instapundit talks about it all the time. Islamophobia might have something to do with its recent surge in the polls, but frankly we are concerned about losing the Zionists over the issue.

    We could make Foie Gras our signature dish instead. Frankly its more essentially right wing that bacon given it necessitates the use of force, but it suffers from a guilt by association problem…as John Kerry once found out. On the other hand, now that McCarthyism has succeeded we are toying with giving up the guilt-by-association argument. We’ve also noticed the enemy picking it up, taking a fellow whose friends say is liberal, who appears to be motivated primarily by an environmentalist movement, hates Bush, the American Flag and is opposed to the Iraq war, and sticking him onto our side of the aisle.

    If we can convince the Board at Koch Industries to drop this form of argument from the official approved list, I think we then have a good shot at appropriating Foie Gras. We may require it to be served with Freedom Fries though.

  8. Spam is where it’s at, kids. Take a few slices, dip into egg and pan-fry in some butter. Heaven. Try it with white rice and scrambled eggs.

  9. Spam? You lot are from the US, right? Spam is ours, leave it alone! Spam and Rice, gonna try it for sure:)

  10. ^ According to Wiki (which isn’t always reliable, I admit) Span is a US product, not UK. It isn’t particularly tasty though, y’all can have it haha

    I lied in my earlier post, I forgot I’ve had pepperoni on pizza a couple times, and I never liked it. I prefer veggies on pizza, particularly green bell peppers and broccoli.

  11. I’m not supposed to be eating pork, but I do so anyways. Of all the meats, I enjoy pork the least, perhaps. However, I love prosciutto on my pizza, and pepperoni! Sausage! I’m not ashamed to tell all my friends – some of them are very patriarchal desis – that I love sausage. However, I don’t care for pork chops. I don’t know…it has the texture of a person’s forearm. Bacon is great as well. Mmmm….

    Hey guys, I read that human flesh probably tastes a lot like pork, given that we’re both opportunistic omnivores and other factors. Gross.

  12. Oh god, I hope that man doesn’t wash his beard. He’ll enjoy that sex of a meal for weeks to come. I am so hungry right now.

  13. You know what they say? You are what you eat. A pig is a pig is a pig is a pig >>>> infinity ;-)

    • Yoga Fire, I love you. That is all.

      And all it took was a little porking?

      I’m more than just a piece of meat!

      You know what they say? You are what you eat. A pig is a pig is a pig is a pig >>>> infinity ;-)

      So a vegetable is a . . .?

      • So a vegetable is a product grown on our planet earth, that is eaten by pig and various other animal forms. Go directly to the source and eliminate the middle man:-) What do you say?

        • “Go directly to the source and eliminate the middle man”

          ahahah! Best argument for vegetarianism I’ve heard in ages! Well played Sir!

          • Well if you want to go directly to the source you would plug yourself into some kind of solar panel and bask in the sun all day.

            Or, depending on your spiritual proclivities, you could forgo alimentation altogether and attain parinirvana.

            For the rest of us, however, food and cooking is about more than just nutrition.

  14. Floyd Cardoz and Suvir Saran are both on the Top Chef Masters! Yay this should be exciting!