Pakistani Demonstrator Single-Handedly Inspires Country… to Go Home?

I love this video. Pakistani dude sounds completely befuddled at how uncomfortable demonstrations can be…

I hear ya, bro. Find yourself some Limca paani [lemon-soda] and get back to it!> Mr. Toru’s exasperation with the police and the heat made for riveting, if somewhat amusing, television and Web video.

“Look at what is happening to our sisters, our mothers. We belong to good families. We have come out on the roads to shout slogans (in support of) Imran Khan,” Mr. Toru says in the video.

But the uncomfortable reality of politics soon dawned on the young protester.

“Our own police is beating us, shoving us. We are here for revolution. Everyone is here for revolution. Who takes out a demo in such hot weather?” he said.

Source: New York Times

9 thoughts on “Pakistani Demonstrator Single-Handedly Inspires Country… to Go Home?

  1. Well, for a brief moment in time, he became the Pakistani meme. And very much like Rebecca Black, the thing is boiling down.

    Best tribute to Zohair Toru, might be this remix

    Though, apparently because of cyber-bullying, he hasn’t been to his college since this video became viral.

  2. Poor guy! If you watch the interview, he was talking about the women who were in Hijab and were standing their inspite of the heat. He was protesting the fact that they were getting no coverage of the fact that these heavily garbed women were being jostled by the cops; he has an excellent point that if the media showed the police roughing up hijab-ed up women, it would certainly provide a spark to start a revolution…for whatever they are protesting … Imran Khan to the PCB ?

    But it does bring up the fact that the small educated class of young Muslims in Pakistan and in the United States is completely out of touch with ground realities of their country. In India I’ve been in protests with both the IYC and the ABVP, and everytime it was a wake-up call for my sheltered 14 yr old life; I can only imagine how much worse it is in Pakistan.

    The only thing that was hilarious to me was him calling Raymond Davis an “Angrez” … Mr. Toru is enrolled in a branch of the LSE . Good going old chum.

    Here are the links for Mr. Toru’s web-redemption, Pakistani-style – 1. 2.

    Part 2 is particularly great at the point where he compares himself to Che Guevara … holy shiznat Pakistan, the Hipsters have started invading your country too.

    Remember to start listening to Arcade Fire or