Penn Masala Leaks “Heartless/Kabhi Kabhi” from Panoramic

I’ve been consistently impressed with Penn Masala, University’s of Pennsylvania all-male a cappella group. Instead of sitting on the laurels of their success as the nation’s first South Asian a cappella group, they keep training the next generation of students to continue the Penn Masala tradition. While other collegiate South Asian a capella groups have started and fizzled out, Penn Masala has continued producing fresh, innovative albums. So obviously, I’m super excited about Panoramic, their seventh studio album, which comes out this month. Today the group released “Heartless/Kabhi Kabhi,” a song from Panoramic, on a student blog. Enjoy, mutineers! And while you’re at it, tell me a few of your favorite South Asian a capella groups. Is it the University of Michigan’s Maize Mirchi? Stanford’s Raagapella?Northwestern’s Brown Sugar? I need some new music.

13 thoughts on “Penn Masala Leaks “Heartless/Kabhi Kabhi” from Panoramic

  1. Seriously underrated but seriously fantastic, check out Case Western’s Dhamakapella: Their Facebook page has more samples, and my personal favorite is their mashup of Riding Solo and Dil Se. Dhamakapella’s arrangements definitely blow Penn Masala out of the water in terms of creativity and range. They’re currently working on recording their first studio album, but will be bringing the competition at Gathe Raho in Iowa this year!

  2. Wow, fantastic! :D Just as a side note, I’m so tired of hearing the misnomer SOUTH ASIAN constantly being used to refer to INDIANS. Indians, and Hindus in particular, are expected to be ludicrously liberal and PC but you’ve gotta draw the line. When they’re Indian, call them INDIAN. We never hear Chinese people because referred to as East Asians…

  3. Ooh, I forgot about chaitown. You’re right Anon and Sheela, they are pretty darn good. Thanks for the Dhamakapella rec btw, they’re also fantastic. It’s nice that with shows like Glee, a capella groups are finally getting the notice they deserve.

  4. If these guys get the juice they can definitely play the lead in the upcoming parody of glee titled “ghee”