Oh Dear, that’s Just not Cricket…

This week we learned that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is nepotistic (GASP!)

The World Cup final is to be played on April 2 in Mumbai, whose Wankhede Stadium has a capacity of 33,000 seats. Of these, only 4,000 have been allocated for sale to the public. The remaining tickets, a whopping 27,000, are reserved for the ICC and the Mumbai Cricket Club’s associate members (ESPNCricInfo).

Not only that, but when fans tried to buy tickets online, the whole system crashed from the number of people trying to make purchases.

The most prominent errors took place on Monday afternoon when the servers of Kyazoonga.com, the ICC’s official ticketing partners, were overwhelmed with the load as the site went ‘live’ with sales for the final and semi-finals at 1pm India time. The website received close to ten million hits in a matter of minutes – half a million at any given moment – many of those people refreshing the site. It would have needed, a Kyazoonga staffer said, a server farm the “size of a football field” to keep up with that kind of demand. The site crashed by 1.05pm and the few people who had got into the system and begun purchasing their tickets found their plans hanging somewhere in cyberspace.

The website went online again around 9.30pm IST with a statement that no tickets for the finals & semi-finals had been sold on Monday due to the system issues and that updates about the ticket sales would follow. So, all the tickets allocated for online sales will still be available once the Kyazoonga network teams in India, Europe and the United States get their servers up and running again. Kyazoonga were not willing to reveal an approximate time when that was expected to happen.

Epic Fail. Oh well, it’s better on TV anyway, right? Even if you’ve traveled from South Africa to see it live? Um, yeah.

The only remotely exciting match of the tournament so far was the most recent one, between Bangladesh and Ireland. It shouldn’t have been close, but the side that scored 283 against India in Dhaka last week was nowhere to be found. Instead, Bangladesh were bowled out for a paltry 205, and just managed to make sure Ireland didn’t catch them. Scorecard

This weekend should be more promising: On Saturday, Pakistan and Sri Lanka play in Colombo, and England takes on India in Bangalore.

And in case you’re still not sure what this game is all about, have a whack here. Stick out the first half-minute. You’ll be glad you did.

8 thoughts on “Oh Dear, that’s Just not Cricket…

  1. It is not uncommon that only a few tickets are available for the public at large… and not just in cricket… especially when there is money to be made courtsey all the corporate hospitality stuff. What sucks is 33k seats for a WC final in India? Is that all Mumbai can do? Shame…

  2. I don’t much follow cricket, but I have been following all the ticketing-related corruption related to the WC. Family tells me that tickets in India (for matches in which India is playing) are selling for Rs.20,000! But tickets in Bangladesh and SL are selling for a paltry Rs. 100. These nations are no less cricket mad than we are, so one can only imagine the level of corruption in the BCCI that is driving the cost of matches in India so high…

    • i thought Chawla was selected based on the fact that he learned how to bowl deliveries other than the googly. That last over he bowled wasn’t exactly a model of setting it up with an orthodox legbreak. Bring on Ashwin!!!

  3. It is common in cricket regarding the tickets in ICC in proving the ticket. th ICC should do the needful to people.