Guest Blogger: Razib Khan

He has been a commenter since the very beginning of SM. It makes sense that he finally has a shot as an actual guest blogger here. Please welcome Razib Khan who has most recently been unzipping his goodies and posting them all over the internet as a way for people to get to know him better and also learn a little about themselves. The next month might be somewhat esoteric at times, but it will definitely be a learning experience. And maybe he’ll coax a few more of us to unzip our South Asian goodies in the name of science.

19 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Razib Khan

  1. Welcome, Razib! I’ve always enjoyed your comments, though I’ve not always understood them. I look forward to more explanations and details in your blog posts.

  2. Good decision, Abhi. Razib was way under-utilized here, buried in the comments thread. There is no other blogger I know that resembles the Energizer Bunny more than our own Razib. He is unstoppable!

  3. Yeah Razib describes himself using anti-atheist slurs when he posts on Talk Islam and titled his blog there “ATHEIST”. His posts are quite clear on that subject as well.

  4. A real travesty.

    SM has really fallen below any kind of decent standard.

    Most of SM I know dislikes me to the core, but I also know SM leadership relished the fact that I begged to be let back on SM. Same way women reject guys, but love the attention (and continually wish for the chance to reject other guys)

    But that day is gone.

  5. The oreo cookie is owned by right winger named Ron Unz. Hacks into the computers of people visiting his sites. Finds where you live etc. Attempts harassment. Beware of this loathsome hack.