Top Fifteen of 2010

F5D864A1-4E0E-D007-2655-AFBD3F49CEE8wallpaper.jpg What happened this year? Will it be known as the year that Julian Assange brought down the Western World? A year rocked by such high unemployment that it allowed “creative types” like Das Racist, The Kominas and Sunny Ali and the Kid the time to put out new albums? Will 2010 be known as the year of Sarah Palin’s Nikki Haley? Or is it the year of Joel Stein-ism? Let’s take a look.

So that does it – the 2010 Sepia Mutiny summary. What were the highlights to your 2010, mutinous ones? Any topics that I missed?

Be safe tonight, and have a Happy New Years to all.

9 thoughts on “Top Fifteen of 2010

  1. happy new year ^_^

    personally, the first time i actually felt kind of afraid of living in the US because of racism/islamophobia was this year.

    saw a few neat shows: the kominas, sunny ali and the kid and shilpa ray and her happy hookers.

    oh, and discovering “the good wife”/re-discovering archie panjabi <33

  2. just adding the ♥ that disappeared from my first comment (it’s for archie panjabi, of course).

  3. Happy New Year’s to all of you,

    Although we have all had our resentment to that Joel Stein article about Indians in Edison, NJ, there was also a clip on SNL about Indians in Edison, NJ. I personally found the SNL clip to be very offensive, and it was written with malicious intentions in my honest opinion. At least Stein was trying to be funny, but he was accidentally offensive. I believe that this SNL clip was purposely offensive (or finger-pointing) and incidentally funny.

    The person who plays “Ravish Vandershekhara” is Nasim Pedrad, and she’s from a minority community in Iran. I’m sure that she, or her parents, knew what it was like coming from a minority and persecuted group. In this clip, Ravish Vandrashekeran’s family is depicted as debilitatingly money-minded, over-bearing, and gullible. Moreover, Ravish is a socially-awkward, memorizer of trivial data, and quintessentially not American.

    Here is a where you can view this clip:

    Am I the only Desi who is very offended by this clip (especially after that stupid comment about changing career plans due to Jay Leno making more money than some desi professional job)?

      • taz replied to comment from boston_mahesh Eww, that is totally offensive. And not funny. How did I miss this? When did this come out?

        Mar 14, 2010 is probably when it was released.

    • That SNL skit is terrible. And completely unfunny. And a lame rip-off of “The Kumars at Number 42″. With some actual Indians and some smarts, it could have possibly become a decent skit, but it’s really, really bad. Ugh.

  4. The people here at Sepia Mutiny are easily offended. Got a chip on your shoulder or something? There is nothing particularly offensive about this SNL skit or Outsourced or even Joel Steyn. The major problem with Joel Steyn and the SNL skit were that they were not funny. Outsourced is hilarious and beloved by everybody – especially Indians. And please use the word “racist” only when appropriate or it loses its bite. Racism is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”. Do you really think M Night is racist? Or that he thinks white people are superior because of his casting choices?

  5. I personally like Outsourced these days. I didnt care for the pilot, but it has grown on me.

  6. The Binayak Sen judgement, on Dec 24th. After all the inconsistencies in the case and the ecidence, and the pyrrhic supreme court victory of the bail application being passed early this year, the judgement was shocking and deeply disappointing. This has potential to become India’s Liu Xiabao moment. And what about the stone-pelters, the security council seat carrot-dangle and the year-long season of scams?