Caption Contest: I Was Going To Make A Sari Pun, But My Better Self Rose Up And Prevented Me

Longest-ever post title? I dunno, friends. So, you may have heard a teensy weensy leetle bit about the Indian ambassador to the U.S. getting singled out for some TSA TLC because she was wearing “the traditional Indian garment.” If you didn’t, read Pavani. I’m not here to comment on the Mississippi Masala. (Oh, come on, no one’s said that one yet and my better self gets tired sometimes.)

Anyway, I’m here for THIS:

alg_clinton_meera.jpg Look at it. Blink. Yes, it’s really there: THAT is the photo the NY Daily News used to illustrate their sari patdown story. I don’t know which is better–the expression on Hillary Clinton’s face or the expression on Meera Shankar’s. Either way, it made me laugh out loud. Well spotted, Vivekster. And well chosen, NY Daily News photo editor.

Caption contest time! “Surely you can think of some puns yourself,” you say? I want yours. And don’t call me Shirley.

21 thoughts on “Caption Contest: I Was Going To Make A Sari Pun, But My Better Self Rose Up And Prevented Me

  1. Confusion as The Secretary of State miss read her preparation notes that “the Joker” is NOT part of Hinduism

  2. Hillary: Meera – Lucky You! I wish Bubba patted me down sometime like this….. I am just saying !

  3. Who is the demure cutie in the sari to the right of Sec. Clinton? I would not object to an arranged marriage with her.

  4. Not a funny caption but random thought: Who knew you could wear long sleeves with a sari!

  5. oh gee, is that a snake in your turban, prime minister singh or are you just happy to see me?


    namaste, i am hillary clinton, (D) Punjab.

  6. Meera whispering to (non) demure (soon to be married) cutie: “pssst…Clowns to the back of me, jokers to the front. Here I am. Stuck in the middle with…”

  7. hillary looks like martin short. perhaps thats why she feels the need to act like a funny man

  8. As an Indian diplomatic kid, I remember bypassing the security check at airports around the world even as I carried my silver cap gun wherever I went. Of course, that was pre-9/11.

  9. The Indian Ambassador to US is Anglo Indian? She looks like the type we’d pick to be an Indian ambassador.

    I wear saris while travelling all the time and don’t get singled out, so it’s got to be something else.

  10. “I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me. Now, this won’t hurt, I just need to pat you down.”