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Apologize for last week’s Music Monday fiasco – my effort at a Kei$ha cool factor clearly fell pathetically. Let me try to redeem myself. Have you heard of Curry Smugglers? (H/T Dancing Reena)

Curry Smugglers Chill 3.jpg

A new music site with fusion-y, electronic-y, Bollywood-esque beats, it’s a DJ’ed podcast of some pretty eclectic sounds.

What started off as a dream two years ago, became a reality in 2009 and is now the leading show of its kind in 2010. Tired of talk radio antics of DJs/RJs talking over music, playing classified ads and old school bad BollyPop? Good. Because Curry Smugglers is none of those things and everything you want – a show that puts the artists and music first, listens to your opinion and bottom line – entertains you.[currysmuggler]

Though I’m more of a fan of the Alterno-Desi sounds, their latest release “Chill Edition 3″ has more of an electro-fused lounge feel (reminding me of Thievery Corporation from back in the day), including sounds of Sarah Brightman, Nusrat Sahab, Karsh Kale, Anoushka Shankar, Nitin Sawhney. You can download the 77 minute mix through their Soundcloud, embedded below.

Curry Smugglers – Chill 3 by Curry Smugglers

Give it a listen – and you can visit their site for more music or subscribe to their podcast through iTunes. As far as who the creators of the site are and what it takes to be a smuggler, I’m pretty unclear about. But I am clear about Curry Smugglers having music potential and it being a new site to keep an eye on into the future.

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  1. The Curry Smugglers are awesome! I am really enjoying their music selections. Thank you for spotlighting them and introducing them to me.