Music Monday, K? K.

Does the multi-armed dance move ever get old?

Looks like there’s a new Desi gal hitting the airwaves and “flexing” her way into the spotlight. A Punjabi Sikh Calgary Canadian, Kiran, aka “K”, got her start as a dancer, went on to be a VJ host on South Asian television shows, and eventually met the right people to get her roped into the music making world. She sounds a little like Kei$ha, a pop version of M.I.A. and a little like….Anjulie on crack.

After much success worldwide, J2 is currently working on his own Artist K. Her debut single ‘Chokolate Soda” and Video teaser released virally in Nov 2010 and have been creating waves in the music industry. She is also featured with LL Cool J on his new single ‘Mikrofone’. [prlog]

Hmm. What do you think? Is K so Alt-Desi that she’s full circled to Jay Sean level Desi-Pop?

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11 thoughts on “Music Monday, K? K.

  1. Not sure if she is as talented as Jay Sean, in my opinion, although it is hard to tell from such a short clip. Jay is a naturally talented singer and K seems to be more of an image-hawking pop star. Good luck to her, though – it’s all desi goodness!

  2. Chokolate soda? WTF is that?

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard….

  3. ugh.

    pop brain-cell killer. After watching the annoying beat is reverberating in my head. In a bad way.

  4. She’s beyond Indian-tardy to the Gaga/Minaj/Ke$hit party (which sucks to begin with). And her dress looks like one of those spinny roof vent things.

  5. I don’t know what is worse, the video or the song/music….

    And her dress looks like one of those spinny roof vent things.


  6. The artist is a Sikh. I have mixed feelings about non-Hindus appropriating Hindu icons like multi-armed goddesses.

    On the one hand I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but on the other hand, as a Hindu convert I naturally cringe when I see my sacred icons and images employed as entertainment.

  7. Off late its been lotsa yoga doing black dudes on videos…wassup with that??….started of with Minaj and now this…thank god its a promo