Mile High Meetup! – September 23

The wonderful city of Denver, Colorado is exactly 5280 feet above sea level. (And you thought we were talking about something else? Chhi!) We’re holding our first meetup in the Mile High City this coming Thursday the 23rd. Sepia’s web wizard Kunjan will be in Denver this week, and though it’s a school night, I promised him I’d drive an hour north on I-25 to see him.

Date: THURSDAY, September 23rd, 2010

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Place: Indiä’s Restaurant

We’ll be meeting at Indiä’s Restaurant because it satisfies some minimum requirements: decent food, easy access from I-25, plenty of parking, and a respectfully stocked bar.

I was half hoping that one person would join us and then go next door for a 2.5-hour Hindi/Telegu/Tamil cinematic extravaganza— so we could crown that person the brownest person in the room, but it doesn’t look as if anything is playing that night. We’ll still take nominations though. I’m rooting for the person who figures out why our restaurant has an umlaut, which means that it should be pronounced “Indi-yehs.” (But maybe it’s more like Häagen Dasz).

When I first moved to Colorado, I thought it was the whitest place I had ever been. Then I got stuck in the airport at Salt Lake City. Now that I have lived here a while, I know there are many of you around. I’ve met a fair number of South Asian American 2nd-gens like me in Colorado, but I’ve also met people from every single South Asian country (including the Maldives) except Bhutan– though I know you’re around too.

Come on out, and say hi! If you can join us, let us know by leaving a comment, and I can book a table for all of us before we arrive.

19 thoughts on “Mile High Meetup! – September 23

  1. Mile High? Sign me up as a member! Woo-hoo! Ladies, the waiting is over. Here I come!

    (Sorry, you’re going to hide anonymous comments… why, exactly?)

  2. Hi. I don’t live in Colorado… I was just wondering about this Hindi video…. There are a few mistakes in it, who made it, and how come it is attached to this meet up post? ::scratches head:::

    • agree, Lin. 🙂 One should not put a language tutorial unless the person itself is proficient in that language. There are so many mistakes.

      In standard hindi(not colloquial) “क्या अाप अजय हो?” is not used, it should be “क्या अाप अजय हैं?” it is not “जि” but “जी” There are other mistakes as well…

    • yes.. and not “aap ho” and it should be डाक्टर not डाक्तर.

  3. Finally 🙂 I will be there..I will be wearing a fluorescent green shirt so that you guys can identify me easily 😀

  4. SLC is rather cosmopolitan compared to the actual city. Serious. I lived there a year and I’ve never felt browner. And my only guess on the umlauts is that one of the owners is deranged and Turkish or a huge Motley Crue fan. They make absolutely no sense phonetically.

  5. you’re right about the one hour drive…where is the love for those of us on the NW side of town (boulder) that end up never getting invited to anything fun since we complain about the drive. Oh well…will do my best – first time a meetup is actually in a city while I am.

  6. This sounds great! Unfortunately I can’t make it this time…do you think this will be a reoccurring thing? As a recent transplant from San Francisco it is good to know I am not the only Indian in town:)

  7. @Jeevan and Kavi, I’m glad you can make it. Kunjan, his friend, and I are hoping to make it in by time; I may arrive a little early and leave early. Others, if you can make it, just post, and I’ll check before I leave to drive and modify our reservation.

    @Manjiri, we don’t usually sponsor meetups in a single location on any regular basis– mostly because many of us live outside of the cities where we meet and find it hard to find enough time between work and partners/kids, but you guys are welcome to get together on your own. 🙂 @Jay, sigh. This will be the first time Kunjan and I have met in person, if you makes you feel any better.

    And yes, if you haven’t already figured it out, my Hindi is atrocious. I never heard it at all really until my mid to late 20s, and well, that wasn’t that long ago. Ahem. Most of us who write posts often do them under the pressure of time, but if Lindsay is still scratching her head, we writers do wonder who all you readers and posters are (and often wish we could meet you in person) — hence the video. As clumsily and lamely put together as it is, with four hours of sleep under my cummerbund, I found it amusing at the time– and even more incredible that this guy apparently put together 20 odd other lessons before this one– and nobody advised him not to. Apologies if it irked you. We would send a private plane from the bunker’s hangar to usher you to the meetup, if certain other members of the Mutiny weren’t monopolizing it. (Abhi’s personal spa trips are getting out of hand.) Hope to see the rest of you at our next meetup!

  8. interesting. denver is only 50% non-hispanic white

    Demographics alone do not account for how “white” a place is. I know plenty of brown people who are very white. It ain’t just phenotype, my friend.

  9. Demographics alone do not account for how “white” a place is. I know plenty of brown people who are very white. It ain’t just phenotype, my friend.

    of course. but the problem is that there’s a double-standard about this. if a place is 85% non-hispanic white, no one would accept that it “ain’t just phenotype.”