The Guild Goes Bollywood with “Game On”

I am not a gamer. Never have been, never will be. But my little sister was able to convince me to watch a few episodes of The Guild with her back in ’07, when the web series first came out. The show centers around a group of hardcore gamers who finally meet in real life after one of the members of their online guild, Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) unexpectedly disappears online. Created by real-life gamer, Felicia Day, the show highlights all the awkwardness that results when people who are more comfortable in front of a computer screen than face-to-face with another person – attempt to form offline relationships.

Last summer, instead of their regular web episode, fans of The Guild were delighted to see a music video, “Do You Want to Date My (Avatar).” This summer, The Guild is back with another music video, “Game On.” Cue Zaboo and Codex (Day) sitting on a bed. Hint: Bollywood-themed dancing results. Enjoy!The Guild Game On music video.jpg

Photo Credit: World of Higlet

(h/t Linzy)

9 thoughts on “The Guild Goes Bollywood with “Game On”

  1. I’m a gamer and I’ve loved the Guild series (especially season 1, which I highly recommend to all Indians and gamers) The finale of season 1, where they bring down a raid boss, is hilarious and very creative.

  2. If pallid skin clashing against colors way too warm is your thing, deeps, more power to ya. There are plenty of farangis out there willing to play dress up for your white supremacy needs.

  3. Darth, Felicia Day is a pretty lady. (Also Queen of Nerds). Acknowledging this doesn’t equate to White supremacism.

  4. Darth,

    Is it also racist if I think that non-whites look really good in Western clothes? Even better? Because I have yet to see a white who can fill out a cocktail dress better than Sofía Vergara.

    Does this make me racist too? Please say it ain’t so! Because that’d really confuse me, being half-Persian, half-European. I’d have to figure out which side I hate more.

  5. Yes, Yoga Fire, she’s pretty, but deeps said nothing about that woman specifically, just that “white girls look better than south asianz” in desi drag. What the hell is that? Pretty f&cking insulting in my book.

    SuperSchwartz- you’re already confused if you’re conflating “White” with “Western”. Sofia Vergara is a Westerner, and I bet she would claim she’s a WHITE latina. Kerry Washington is also a Westerner. Since Westerners can be of any race, your question is specious.

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