Friday Flash Friction

A dark wheatish figure finally opens the bunker door.


The ad said “Micropaleontologist seeks DJ for digging up the brownest, crustiest nuggets this side of a Pompeii port-a-potty. Ask for Abhi.” (You’ll never use Craigslist again.)

“You Sukhdeep?” he snorts.

“Sometimes,” you quip. He doesn’t get the reference. Smiling, you enter.


12 thoughts on “Friday Flash Friction

  1. Welcome to SM – Mr. Sukhdeep Dickshit;-). From Amardeep to Sukhdeep ! You Punjabi guys are really into “Deep”, aren’t you? Let’s have some Amarsukh even if it’s Dirrrrrrrty!

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Yo Dad, but let’s get started on the right chappal- I’m not Punjabi: I’m Poonjabi. Poonjab is a small state situated halfway between Mappa Tassie and Cooch Behar. It’s a nice place to visit, but it can get a little hairy.

  3. DP: Excuuuuuuuse me. Poonjab, Panjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravid, Utkal, Banga…… It is the area known as subcontinent of India. Welcome anyway. We have nothing against Beehari Babu. Now if it’s Gujju, it’a another story;-))

  4. I am spitting out my coffee as I read this dialogue – I can just picture the expression on Abhi’s face as he reads these comments and the e-mail he’s sending Yo, Dad, right after. ;-)

  5. Who’s the Rani of Cooch Naheen, then? (I was compelled to add a Salman Rushdie reference.)

  6. @Yo Dad I’m glad we finally understand each other.

    @Taz I only hope that, in your visualization, that Abhi has at least a dhoti. That which has been seen, cannot be unseen.

    @Radhika A lady never asks, a gentleman never tells.

    @JTroll Great Job!

    Also, a shoutout to ANNA for the inspiration behind this- it’s my first attempt at 55 Fiction.

  7. Damn, I thought I was being original in that Coffee thread regarding these names. I was basing my original joke off of that Hindi actress Madhuri Dikshit.

  8. (better late than never!)

    Their love affair existed solely under the cover of darkness – free of the encumbrances of reality – when they would be all that there was.

    It ended many years ago. In despair, he took away his own sight. A love that never saw the light of day was now all that he would ever see.