Boney M, Kutty-fied.

I’m not one to really open the FW-ed e-mails, but I got this in my inbox this week and couldn’t wait for the next #MusicMonday to share. I realize as far as memes go, this may be a little outdated, but funny desi-fied music video covers are timeless (h/t Zaida).

Lola Kutty, the bespectacled woman in the front, is a VJ on Channel [V] and the alter ego to Anuradha Menon. Ultrabrown linked to some kitschy posters of Lola Kutty back in ’07. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of Lola sooner. Then again, maybe there’s a little part of Lola Kutty that exists within all of us and I’ve always known her.

Lola Kutty is a bespectacled Keralite lady who speaks English with a heavy Malayali accent. Unlike other VJs, she has curly oily hair sporting a gajra and wears silk saris. Unlike Jassi of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, Lola has no plans for a makeover[3]. She is a huge fan of Abhishek Bachchan[9]. Her assistant is Shiny Alex, who wears fluorescent shirts, matching slippers, and mundu folded up. [wiki]

And of course, Boney M needs no introduction. Right? Riiiight?

I also love the irony that the video is lip synced by Lola Kutty’s posse when Boney M. was a lip syncing cover band from the 1970s. Enjoy.

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17 thoughts on “Boney M, Kutty-fied.

  1. Is Lola Kutty still on air? She was fabulous the couple of trips I made back home. My kids did not get it as they are American-born. But my mom and I hooted with every phrase of hers as she spoke EXACTLY like my Mallu friends did back in Madras when I was yourn, zimbly wonderfool, I say!!

  2. sadly, i know lola kutty and not boney m. but i liked the songs chosen for this medley. also kudos to that one fellow in the back that really got into it. and i had forgotten just how shiny alex is.

    Enjoy. i think you mean “yenjoy” 😉

  3. Interesting thing aboutBoneyM, otherwise known as the outfit that inspired Lady Gaga with the Pa Pa Pa Pa part of Poker Face. (Ma Ma Ma Baker). Supposedly Boney M was the Milli Vanilli of its day without the shame as they never became popular in the US. So no lip synching controversies as they tolerate that kind of stuff in Europe a lot. The producer of BoneyM and the male voice is the white german guy who produced Milli Vanilli too. Funny to realize that the black guy is lipsynching for some german white guy. One of the ladies supposedly sang her own vocals, but the rest were all done by the Producer and his hired hands.

  4. i remember a quote from a lolakutty interview… ‘experience is what you get when you dont get what you want’ she’s a good sport!

  5. So what are the other lame international bands that are popular in India? BoneyM doesn’t seem to have more than a couple of listenable songs and that too listenable in a fun campy way.

  6. One correction – Boney M was not a cover band. They did a few covers (Rivers of Babylon, Sunny) and mostly lip synced to their songs. While they certainly had little or no talent, had an exotic male dancer from Aruba as a key member and disappeared into oblivion, they were no cover band.

  7. Ra Ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen There was a cat that really was gone Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on

  8. 14: That’s the only one I know, and it’s the oldest Mp3 in my collection! I downloaded it on my first laptop in college!